Natural skin care brand Polaar in Turkey

Inspired by the survival skills of polar plants in nature, the French skin care brand Polaar, prepared in collaboration with scientists, is produced with formulas that respect all skin types, and harmonizes even the most sensitive skin. It promises purity and activity with its selection of few, pure and natural arctic ingredients. Presumably the secret of pleasantness lies beyond the Arctic Circle…

A leading French brand and an expert in polar research, Polaar has brought all its cosmetic know-how to Turkey. Aware of the purity and fragility of pleasantness, the brand cooperates with the largest scientific organizations to protect it. Polaar’s unique textures and unique scents, which are strong in terms of rare natural ingredients such as polar fruits, Siberian ginseng, Nunatak flowers, will take you on a journey to the far north. What if the secret of pleasantness is hidden beyond the Arctic Circle?

The Polaar brand, which was born from scientific research in the poles, has formulas inspired by the classic definitions of pleasantness of women living in Lapland, in the north of Finland. The brand’s products are formulated according to French know-how, using the harvests of local producers in Scandinavian countries.

The birth of the brand:

Polaar’s tale comes from a polar-loving family. The adventure begins 30 years ago. In 1976, the first Polar expedition was made. This expedition also includes the father of the brand’s founder, Daniel Kurbiel. The Polaar brand was born when Daniel Kurbiel, the son of an arctic explorer who spent his youth on an expedition ship in the far North with scientists, discovered the ability of arctic plants to survive extreme weather conditions. Daniel Kurbiel, who has the desire to make the riches of the polar world accessible to the greatest number of people, aims to always be realistic in the arguments of the brand he founded and never wants to cause you to get too hopeful. In this sense, Polaar has had a transparent policy since its birth.

With its natural formulas dedicated to natural beauty, it includes pure ingredients in its formulas in order to respect both your skin and nature, with the aim of respecting even the most sensitive skin. Paraben, alcohol and mineral oil free, all Polaar products are completely vegan and are not tested on animals (Vegan & Cruelty-free certified)

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Polaar highlights:

  • None of their products are paraben, alcohol and mineral oil free.
  • Perfume is not used in her eye care products, which is one of her most recognizable works.
  • Making efficiency, sensitivity and naturalness its ideology, all of Polaar’s works are prepared for sensitive skin.
  • Their products are not tested on animals. (Cruelty-free certified)
  • Contains vegan content. (Vegan certified)

What is an arctic plant?

  • Arctic plants thrive in very climatic conditions.
  • They are said to be adaptogenic plants that survived the ice age by adapting themselves to one of the harshest environments on Earth.
  • adaptogen plantsOn the other hand, it is a common name given to plants that reinforce the body’s dealing with tension.
  • The medicinal plants mentioned are given this name because they have the ability to adapt themselves to reasonable rules.
  • To withstand temperatures of minus 50 degrees Celsius, high winds and a short vegetative cycle, these plants synthesize powerful protective active ingredients and have above-average antioxidant properties.


What is used in which Polaar’s work, which has few and pure active ingredients?


The Genuine Lapland Cream: Arctic berries (raspberry, cranberry, blackberry)
After the fruits are harvested, cold extraction is done to obtain the extract of the plant.


  • Thanks to the antioxidants it contains, it repairs and protects the skin.
  • While providing softness and flexibility to the skin, it renews and protects the skin’s texture.

Works in the series:

  • The Genuine Lapland Moisturizing Body Milk Price: 365TL
  • The Genuine Lapland Face and Sensitive Areas Cream 50 ml / 100 ml (Face and Sensitive Area Cream) Price:395TL
  • The Genuine Lapland Hand Cream 50 ml (Hand Cream) Price:175 TL
  • The Genuine Lapland Lip Balm 10 ml (Lip Cream) Price: 125 TL


Eternal Snow: Nunatak Flower
In this Polaar series inspired by the nunatak flower, the nunatak flower is reproduced very rarely and in a protected manner in Polaar laboratories.


Polaar Eternal Snow series features

  • Anti-wrinkle series
  • It contains the essences of the flower called Nunatak, which can survive in difficult conditions and fight the signs of aging.
  • It renews the skin texture.
  • It reduces wrinkles and brightens the skin.

Works in the series:

  • Eternal Snow Cream 50 ml (Skin Care Cream) Price: 525TL
  • Eternal Snow Serum 50 ML (Skin Care Cream) Price:590TL
  • Eternal Snow Eye Contour Cream 15 ML (Eye Care Cream) Price:475TL


IcePure: Arctic cotton
After it is grown and harvested, it is softened by soaking in water and glycerin.

Polaar IcePure series features

  • soothing series
  • It contains Artic Cotton, a plant that is protected from pollution and can adapt to many conditions.
  • It cleanses, soothes and detoxifies the skin.

Works in the series:

  • Ice Pure Mineral Water 200ML (Skin Cleansing Water) Price:260 TL
  • Ice Pure Velvery Cleanser 125ML (Skin Cleansing Gel) Price:290 TL
  • Ice Pure Gently Scrub 125ML (Skin Cleansing Peeling) Price:320 TL
  • Ice Pure Mineral Deodorant 50 ML (Deodorant) Price: 220TL


Polar Night: Rhodimenia Borealia moss (Northern moss)
Cold extraction is done to extract the plant’s extract after it has been grown and harvested.

Polaar Night series features:

  • anti-fatigue series
  • It contains algae called Rhodimenia Borealia, which lives in the abyss of polar oceans where light is scarce.
  • It renews, revitalizes and illuminates the skin.
  • It offers a smooth, renewed and radiant skin from the moment you wake up.

Products in the series

  • Polar Night Revitalizing Elixir 15 ml Price: 475 TL
  • Polar Night Moisturizing Body Milk 200 ml (Moisturizing Body Milk) Price: 395TL
  • Polar Night Revitalizing Cream 50 ML (Refreshing Cream) Price: 520 TL
  • Polar Night Revitalizing Mask 50 ml (Refreshing Mask) Price:450 TL


IceSource: glacial water
It is taken from the modules of naturally separated icebergs. It is encapsulated in liposomes (drug delivery system).

Polaar IceSource series features

  • Humidifier series
  • The series consists of 3 main active components.
    • Iceberg Water with a high purity indicator and proven exceptional purity
    • Hyaluronic Acid, which fixes the water inside the skin cells
    • Seaweed Thalassiosira Antartica growing at -3760m in polar fjords.
  • The series restores the skin’s optimum moisture level and aims for a supple, plump and luminous skin.

Works in the series:

  • Ice Source Moisturizing Cream 50 ml (Moisturizing Cream) Price:365 TL
  • Ice Source Moisturizing Gel 50 ML (Moisturizing Gel) Price:365TL
  • Ice Source Ultra Moisturizing Mask 50 ml (Ultra Moisturizing Mask) Price:365TL


Siberian White: Taiga pine
It is obtained from pine bark.

Northern Light series: Siberian olive
After the Siberian olive is harvested, it is pressed, softened and then clarified and filtered.

Polaar Northern Light series features

  • Special series for skin that has lost its shine
  • Skin care series produced from Siberian olives, which are thirty times more effective than oranges in terms of vitamin C.
  • The choice of those looking for a bright skin and flawless skin texture.
  • By increasing the brightness of the skin, it beautifies the skin texture and protects the skin from environmental pollution.

Works in the series:

  • Northern Light Micro-Peeling Foam 100 ml Price:365TL
  • Northern Light Smoothing Cream 50 ML Price: 475TL
  • Northern Light Smooting Fluid 50 ml Price: 475 TL


IcyMagic: Siberian Ginseng (The most popular eye care cream series)
Ginseng in its content is a root plant growing in the bushes in the nature of the Tundra. Hand-harvested Siberian ginseng comes from controlled agriculture. After harvesting, the roots are soaked hot, then the solution is clarified and filtered to extract its essence.

Polaar IcyMagic series features

  • skin protector series
  • Ginseng is more concentrated in micronutrients and stimulates the body to increase its resistance.
  • It acts as a defense shield against environmental factors by increasing the resistance of the skin with its ginseng extract.

Works in the series:

  • IcyMagic Eye Contour Energiser Instant Icy Magic 10 ml (Instant Frosted Magic Cream Around the Eyes) Price:380 TL
  • IcyMagic Energising Eye Patch 4 Pairs (4 Pairs of Energizing Eye Patches) Price:365TL
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