The way you style your hair on any given day can be based on many things: where you’re going, how long ago you washed your hair, whether you can afford it, and the weather. Considering all these, one of the most valuable factors is usually how much power we have or not. We all know that when we wake up in the morning, we are not trying to change your messy hair! Especially on the days when we are tired, the times we save the day by gathering tightly, right? However, the changes you make in the middle row can increase your mood and power. You don’t have to try hard to feel more confident and beautiful! Especially if we look at the hair trends of 2020, as in makeup trends, naturalness is generally at the forefront.

In 2020, you can quickly find a hair trend for almost any occasion! On the days when you wake up early in the morning and don’t want to struggle while getting ready for work, scrunchie hairpins come to your rescue… When you don’t know how to do your hair in night style, French knot buns are a life saver… On the weekend style, we see messy ‘bedhead’ hair… New hairpins, hair accessories and retro styles come to the fore. You can check out the top 5 hairstyles of 2020 to try out effortless and stylish styles this year.


The ‘Bedhead’ style is back! Messy hair with the get-out-of-bed effect is probably the easiest to apply of the year. hair style. Let go of your messy, tangled waves. Seemingly dry and unstyled, this hairstyle surprisingly adds a cool style to your outfits. You don’t need to struggle to get this hairstyle that looks effortless and a little rebellious. You can access one of the most recognizable hairstyles of 2020 by leaving your home as you get out of bed.

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According to the 2020 trend report published by Pinterest recently, scrunchie hairpins will be the most recognizable hair accessory of the year. This trend, which has been carried from the eighties to the present, sits on the throne of accessories together with the rise of hairpins. No matter how much Carrie Bradshaw says she hates scrunchies, these frilly and bulky clasps are the most sought after accessory of 2020. Turn to scrunchie clasps to make a difference in your ponytails or buns.

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FRENCH Knot Knobs

The French knot bun, which we see in the middle row in red carpet styles, is under the spotlight of 2020. This bun style, which seems to be folded from the middle of the hair, is one of the most stylish hairstyles of the year. You can modernize these sophisticated buns, which you can use in the evening style, with a braid hairstyle or a few strands falling on your face.

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Speaking of hair accessories, we can’t skip the crystal-embroidered hairpins and tiaras. The vintage sparkles we see at the 2020 fashion shows take the hair accessory trend of the past period on a glittering nostalgia trip. This style, which you can achieve with brooches, adds dazzling sparkles to the middle of your hair.

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The Lucy Boynton influence continues! Boynton, who left his mark on the 2019 red carpet styles with his retro hair and makeup styles, brought a vintage wind to the beauty trends. The hair of the 60s carried to 2020 is more voluminous, fluffy and more retro! Try thick velvet headbands to create a total nostalgia effect on your fluffy and curved hair.


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