How to Make Makeup Fixing Spray?

Making make-up fixer spray is an application that can be done at home with natural methods and eliminates the uneasiness of make-up that deteriorates throughout the day. For millions of women who want to use their own natural formulas for harmful applications by fixing make-up with the chemical ingredients of cosmetic brands, fixing sprays without any side effects can be made with a few easily available materials.

  • You want your make-up to stay on your skin all day long,
  • If you want to reduce the effects of make-up applications that you think are exaggerated

Make-up fixer how to make face spray you can start to obtain the materials needed to implement the recipes.

Glycerin Spray Making To Keep Make-Up Stable

naturally make-up stay fixed, you can also open your pores and get rid of acne by using this spray. For spray making;

  • 1 tablespoon of glycerin,
  • Half a glass of rose water

You can make your spray ready by mixing it in an empty bottle. It is recommended that you use your ready-made spray by spraying it from a distance of 30 to 50 cm from your face.

Glycerine-Free Makeup Fixer Making At Home

We have two natural recipes for ladies who want to make a make-up fixer spray without using glycerine to be purchased from the pharmacy. At-home make-up fixer without glycerine With these two recipes, you can also nourish your skin and eliminate the effects of aging.

  • Prepared by mixing 2 cups of hot distilled water and 1 cup of Aloe Vera gel. Aloe Vera make-up fixer you can use the mixture in the spray recipe after waiting until it cools down.
  • For the make-up fixing spray made with green tea, which is nourishing and protective against the effects of skin aging, you can easily make your spray at home using vitamin E oil and green tea naturally. You can easily prepare the spray by mixing 1 cup of organic green tea, which you will brew for about 20 minutes, and 5 drops of vitamin E oil.
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How to Bring Different Functions to Homemade Makeup Fixing Sprays?

The small touches you will make on these recipes, prepared with medicinal plants, whose benefits to the skin are known, will help you to get the maximum effect from the spray by serving your skin with different benefits, as well as keeping your make-up stable.

  • Adding 2 drops of argan oil into sprays to make your skin look lively all day long,
  • Adding two drops of lavender oil to make your spray smell good

It will increase the value of your recipes.