Written by Nilay Yalçınkaya

As a complement to make-up, foundations are one of our favorite make-up products to achieve a smooth and clean skin texture. As for the reasons; once you see the effect instantly. Imagine that you squeeze a pump of product on your fingertips, then rub them together and apply them to your face, and after seconds you get a bright and flawless look. This is a very sensitive bet, especially for those with problematic skin. If you have scars and blemishes on your face and you are uncomfortable with their appearance, we know that finding the real foundation is very valuable for you. In this case, also the difficulties of finding the most effective one for you. Thanks to the developing technology and innovations in the cosmetics world, the product variety in this field has reached the consistency of the sea. It’s almost impossible to go to the cosmetic store and pick up a random foundation. There are so many options that it’s understandable to be confused. Moreover, many are just Not only does it cover up the flaws, it also reinforces skin care. Anti-aging feature, vitamin E, sunscreen effect, water resistant… Let’s say we found the right product, the bet does not end there. Another point of contention is how it should be driven. According to some, it needs to be applied by hand, some say with a brush or sponge. Base should be applied underneath, stabilizer on top… As you can see, it is necessary to go through many roads to achieve a perfect finale. While the situation has become so deep, we have prepared for you those who are curious about the subject.


In order for the foundation to be distributed in an even and homogeneous form, it is very valuable that the skin is clean and moisturized beforehand. Before starting make-up, clean your face from oil and dirt by washing it or wiping it with a tonic. Then apply a moisturizer suitable for your skin type and prepare a place for make-up. If your skin is not moist enough, your foundation can cause color inequalities and a rough appearance on your face. If you are getting ready for a special night, you can apply an extra under make-up other than a moisturizer or you can apply a make-up fixer spray to increase its permanence.

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The most valuable rule for a foundation to be compatible with your skin is that it matches your skin type. Otherwise, it may cause acne or sensitivity. The basic rule to be considered in this matter is; When choosing a foundation, it is not just that it has new or very beautiful features, but that it really meets your skin needs. For example, if you have dry skin, a foundation with mattifying properties dries the skin more, or if you have acne-prone skin, a thick or extra moisturizing foundation that will clog your pores may cause more lubrication. Therefore, its suitability for your skin type should be your priority. Those with dry skin may prefer liquid foundations that provide moisturizing and shine, while those with oily skin may prefer those with salicylic acid and the opposite of acne. Those with sensitive skin can use dermocosmetic BB creams, which have multiple effects and also have sun protection. Before purchasing the product, you can make a choice by reading the features and getting help from the sales specialist in the store. If it is the most truthful result, you will see by trying it. Yes, we are aware that this bet requires significant overtime.


Yes, you heard it right, choose your foundation according to your age and where you are going. You ask why? Because, depending on age, the needs of the skin also differ. While in the 20s there is a need for a product that will hide acne scars, fight oiliness and the opposite of acne, in the 40s this leaves its place to a type that will moisturize the skin and protect it against signs of aging. The main priority for mature skin should be not only concealment, but also repair. There are very successful anti-aging foundations on the market, which have nourishing and reparative effects, which both support skin care and hide skin imperfections. As for the location issue; You can easily use a creamy medium coverage foundation for daily use and office use. However, if you are going to stay outside under the sun, do sports such as tennis or jogging, the water and sweat are strong; at the same time, choose those that contain a sun protection factor (SPF). You can also ensure long-term permanence with a matte foundation when you go to celebrations such as a wedding or a special night.



The role of brushes and sponges is valuable on the way to perfect skin appearance. If you want to make up like a professional at home and to apply your foundation evenly on your face, take a basis from these accessories. You can choose whichever application is easier for you. The most valuable point you should pay attention to here; clearness. Definitely wash your brush and sponge after each use.


When you apply your foundation in the morning and your face starts to get oily and the foundation starts to vomit before noon, definitely choose the ones with a matte finish and have transparent powder with you for the shine that will occur during the day.


We asked make-up artist Fezi Altun, who is an expert in the field, about the application of foundation selection:

“Although there are many differences of opinion about choosing and applying the ideal foundation, the most valuable step is to prepare the skin very suitable for make-up. Humidification is the first step. If the skin is not sufficiently moisturized, you will not get a suitable result regardless of the brand or price of the foundation. Before I start the make-up, I always moisturize the face, around the eyes and lips in a very suitable way and prepare the base for the perfect make-up. When it comes to choosing foundation, there are many varieties on the market. Compact, creamy, liquid… Even BB and CC creams, which stand out with their powerful features, are candidates to replace foundations. If truth is a choice, it should be made specifically for the individual. As for the application, my preference is mostly the brush. I apply the foundation with a brush, in circular motions, by gently feeding it into the skin. Afterwards, if there are areas that need to be closed extra, I apply buffer movements with a sponge there. I can clearly say that foundation is the most valuable step in makeup. I think the biggest reason why makeup looks perfect is because the skin is flawless. If you create a clean base on your face, you will ensure that the eye or lip make-up you apply afterwards will look optimal.“

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Buffer Rose Golden foundation brush 159 TL,


Kabuki-Buff foundation brush 269 TL


Cream foundation brush, 72 €

Taken from the April issue of ELLE Turkey.