Whether the perception of beauty has a certain state or rule is a purely individual matter. Whoever feels pleasant and beautiful is the most beautiful. However, when it comes to aesthetics, the obvious limitations do not come into play. We ladies, especially before the summer comes, find ourselves in search of what can be done to keep fit and achieve that perfect bikini body that the winter length is dreamed of. There have been times when most of us have been saving the seaside photos of the stone body model we like so much on Instagram or waiting to lose weight in order to throw the bikini we love into the shopping cart. And these are the times. Here, too, the latest and advanced technologies in the aesthetic world come into play. Are you ready to start the change in the most preferred ways that offer effective solutions with surgical or non-surgical applications?


Aesthetic and plastic surgery specialist and operator physician Aysun Mamak describes the liposuction operation in order to look fitter and to make the body proportion more adequate during the summer preparation period: “Liposuction operation is the process that we do alone or often together with another operation to make the body contour more smooth. Although it does not contribute much to weight loss, it is effective in narrowing and thinning the body size since excess fat is directly removed. In particular, the removal of back fat corresponding to the waist and bra area provides a thinner waist-hip transition, while removing excess fat from the inside of the knees or hips makes the legs look thin and long.”

Abdominoplasty for women who have given birth

If you have sagging and excess fat in your abdomen due to postpartum weight loss, then tummy tuck operation is most preferred. Physician Aysun Mamak says that she mostly performs tummy tuck operations for women who have this problem, and that they even get more effective results when combined with liposuction. With this dual application, the removal of excess fat, especially in the area above the belly button, obviously offers thinning from the side profile after the surgery. Another of the most valuable problems experienced by women giving birth is the actual bulging of the navel due to the relaxation of the abdominal muscles. This can be prevented by tightening the muscles again during the tummy tuck operation. Of course, six weeks after surgery, especially by recommending exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles. Here, one of the most valuable factors that helps the person to be in harmony with the offers given by the physician is the optimal level of the result.

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“Evaluation by looking at a general ratio in body operations is effective in capturing more holistic results. For example, adding waist and back liposuction to the tummy tuck operation provides a thinner waist and abdomen appearance, while we can inject the fat we take into the butt to make the person’s butt more rounded after the process. We see that some industrial issues used in butt enlargement in the market create long-term thoughts. If the person’s fat situation is suitable, we can use this fat for good goals that will contribute to body aesthetics. When considering the time of these operations, it is useful to plan, considering that you cannot go on vacation for three weeks. We determine the most valuable periods in aesthetic surgery operations as the first day, three weeks and six months. It will be sufficient to use a corset or tights for three weeks. While determining the rest period as five days in operations accompanied by tummy tuck; We say that only people who have liposuction can continue to work after three days. It should be underlined that the most valuable thing in all these practices is how you feel comfortable and more confident.”


Fat in areas such as abdomen, waist, inner legs, arms and jowl is a common complaint of many women. If you have a problem of lubrication in these areas that you cannot get rid of despite diet and sports, we suggest you meet with the Cryo 21 system. With this application, which provides a visible thinning from regional oils in a short time, you will be one step closer to the fit look you want before summer. As for how it affects; Cryo 21, which is made without damaging the tissues at -40 degrees, starts to show its effect on the adipose tissue in the first session. The cold of -40 degrees causes the temperature of the fat cells to be lowered and also causes thermal shock to the adipose tissues. The fat cells, which are broken down by this cold, are naturally excreted from the body through the lymphatic system and blood circulation. In addition, it provides a basis for the acceleration of blood circulation, the purification of the body from toxins, the reduction of cellulite, the revitalization of the muscles, the increase of the endurance of the lymphatics and the regeneration of the body. The application is applied by massaging the skin surface with the device head and a single session takes half an hour. Cryo 21, which is an alternative to surgical methods and offers a scalpel-free, painless effect, continues to burn fat for 15 days from the day it is applied. Naturally, you can maximize its effect by drinking 2-2.5 liters of water a day and paying attention to your nutrition in this process.

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We recommend that you try this formula, which is applied by the weight loss specialist Hasret Posbaşoğlu and his group in Imperial Turkey, while there is time for summer.

“With Cryo 21, which aims to destroy the fat cells that cause regional excess and interferes with the tissues with the potential for fat, you can thin your hips, hips, face, arms, back, waist, chest, belly, neck, neck and legs.”


No matter what age you are, it is always possible to have a bright, fresh and tight skin with correct care and applications. You can have a renewed skin with non-surgical skin care applications for fast, effective and permanent solutions against skin damage caused by factors such as sun, hormonal factors, aging, tension and seasonal changes. The most important point you should pay attention to here is; not to have a trending application you heard from someone else, but by your physician to make the most real application that will meet your skin needs. We asked the dermatologist, Burcu Yamangöktürk Solak, about the detailed information in this issue and the methods that will renew your skin and offer a change in a short time:


Regardless of the structure of the skin, skin needs change with age. With time, the resistance of the skin to the external environment decreases, it starts to dry and sag. The skin care to be made on the occasion should also be suitable for these situations. Some special serums should be included in these treatments. With the increase in its resistance, the skin tries to fight the loss of collagen in the rapid wear phase. At this stage, in addition to treatments for skin regeneration, some skin rejuvenation applications such as satin face lift, non-surgical thread face lift techniques, laser, stem cell injections, PRP, mesotherapy can be included in the treatment plan. Especially around the eyes, in the middle of the eyebrows and on the forehead, it is possible to solve the fine wrinkles formed by mimics in a short time with botulinum toxin applications. In addition, it is possible to provide a more dynamic appearance with the use of under-eye light fillers for volume losses under the eyes and the use of new generation hyaluronic acid fillers for volume losses in the midline of the face.

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The main element that keeps water in the tissue is hyaluronic acid, a sugar derivative. In aging skin, the amount of hyaluronic acid decreases, and as a result, the ability of the skin to hold water decreases, the skin may appear more lifeless, dull and pale. With the injection of non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and peptides into the skin, the skin can look more alive and healthy. Wrinkles appear on the skin, facial contours change, and volume losses occur with the advancement of age or sometimes genetically, with the effect of gravity. In this case, filling applications come into play. We make use of hyaluronic acid fillers in eliminating facial volume losses, correcting facial contours, removing wrinkles and sometimes increasing the volume of the lips. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is obtained under laboratory conditions without using animal sources. HA new generation fillers, which are formed by connecting with cross-links with the production techniques that are developing day by day, are brought into the form ready for application, drawn into the injector. Among the most preferred reasons today, the absence of allergic problems encountered in previously applied collagen injections and its long-term wrinkle-reducing effects can be counted. It is applied to the forehead, temples, cheeks, chin contours on the face, lines that go down from the nose to the corners of the lips and extending from the lips to the chin, giving the expression of sadness, and areas of the body where volume loss is obvious due to any reason, especially the hands. In addition to correcting deformations, it can also be used to give form and volume to tissues such as the lips. There is no requirement to do a random test before application. Anesthetic cream application ensures comfortable injection. The application can be carried out in an extremely short time and simply.

Written by Nilay Yalçınkaya

Taken from ELLE Turkey April 2020 issue.