Actress Melis Birkan designed a ceramic toothbrush holder for Signal

Famous actress Melis Birkan designed a ceramic toothbrush holder inspired by Signal’s new Nature Elements series. We took the opportunity to meet with Signal’s new Nature Elements series. Signal, inspired by nature, chose Nişantaşı Healin, which won our hearts with its natural, delicious and stylish presentations, to introduce the new Nature Elements series developed for the oral health of the whole family, and created a very harmonious arrangement with its new toothpaste series.

Unilever Pleasure and Personal Care Marketing Manager and Board Member (Turkey, Central Asia and Iran) Alper Eroğlu hosted the event in Healin; with oral health offers Dentist Ilgaz Ozerand the famous actor who designed a ceramic toothbrush inspired by the Nature Elements series Melis Birkan joined. In the launch invitation “As Signal, we have always considered the different needs of our consumers and presented products for these needs. This year, we want to make our consumers smile with the power of nature. Our new Nature Elements line, consisting of Coco White, Clove Sensitive, Charcoal White & Detox, provides complete oral care with 8 effective defenses.” said.
Famous actress Melis Birkan designed a ceramic toothbrush holder

Melis Birkan, on her ceramic journey, which she started as a hobby, created her first professional designs with inspiration from the Signal Naturel Elements series. Birkan; “I have been making ceramics for 1.5 years with great pleasure. I always try to have the natural of everything. I am in favor of natural works and materials, from nutrition to individual care.

As someone who always keeps nature and naturalness at the center of his life, the offers of coconut extract, clove leaf oil and juniper oils, charcoal powder appealed to me very much. Afterwards, I thought about the elements that would reflect the naturalness of these works to my design. Obtaining the mud, cooking with fire, drying with air, all processes are very natural and natural. While designing this toothbrush holder, I tried to make a design close to nature”. said.
Dentist Ilgaz Ozer ; “As a dentist, I have reviewed and personally used the Signal new Nature Elements range. The Signal Nature Elements series stands out with its 92% natural content. Naturalness is of course a priority that we seek and follow in every moment of life. Choosing a work of art for oral care is very valuable. Signal offers clinically proven products to the market in Turkey and in the world. It would be meaningful for individuals to prefer products with natural content in Signal quality instead of using works whose clinical reliability has not been determined in the naturalness trend. said.
The new Signal Nature Elements series provides complete oral care with 8 effective defenses: anti caries, gum care, anti plaque effect, tooth enamel care, natural whiteness, fresh breath, anti tartar, oral hygiene.
Let’s get to know the Signal Nature Elements series:


Signal Nature Elements Coco White helps to restore the natural whiteness of the teeth with its coconut extract content, while providing a fresh breath with its mint flavor.
Signal Nature Elements Clove Sensitive helps to provide relief against sensitivity with clove leaf oil and juniper oils.
Signal Nature Elements Charcoal White & Detox, on the other hand, provides whiter and cleaner teeth and active defense with the charcoal powder used in its formula.
Signal Nature Elements Charcoal toothbrush provides 2 times more active purity than ordinary brushes with its bristles enriched with charcoal and silver ions.

Photo from left to right: Unilever Marketing Manager for Pleasure and Personal Care and Member of the Board of Directors (Turkey, Central Asia and Iran) Alper Eroğlu, Actress Melis Birkan, Dentist Dr. Ilgaz Ozer