What does ‘natural’ mean in beauty works? Brands that have earned organic or vegan certification with certain standards stand out with their cruelty-free production steps and natural ingredients. In the middle of the terms ‘natural’ or ‘organic’, which are generally used for marketing purposes, it can be a bit difficult to find the original ones. Natural skin care products do not contain protective chemicals and consist of organic and herbal ingredients as much as possible. Natural skin care products, which contain as minimal materials as possible, also do not contain synthetics, dyes or perfumes. These products, which have the most beneficial features for your skin, do not harm nature at the same time. In these periods when we pay so much attention to what we eat, we should be just as cautious about the things we put on our skin. You can examine the photo gallery to see the works that will be transferred from the farm to the collection of pleasant works.


Moisturizing Cream, 388 TL ELEMIS

Designed for dry skin, this nourishing day cream moisturizes your skin while helping to strengthen the skin barrier with sea fennel extracts and starflower oil.

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Pink Cloud Rosewater Moisturizing Cream, $332.31 HERBIVORE BOTANICALS

Herbivore works are completely natural, with no dyes, deprivation or synthetic preservatives. This moisturizing cream with rose water, aloe vera and white tea soothes and moisturizes your skin, as well as relieves redness.

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Herbal Moisturizing Serum, 309 TL MARIO BADESCU

Vegan and cruelty-free, this moisturizing serum contains Gingko Biloba, Ginseng extracts and Gilkolipid ceramics. Giving skin a moist, healthy glow, this oil-free gel serum revitalizes and smoothes your face.


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Skin Food Moisturizing and Nourishing Organic Care Cream, 149 TL WELEDA

Designed for dry skin, this cream keeps the moisture of your skin stable throughout the year. You should take this cream into your life, which moisturizes without harming your skin with its organic formula!

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Nutrient Moisturizer, $330 JUICE BEAUTY

We can call this moisturizer “from the farm to your face”! Containing carrot root, marigold flower extract and flaxseed oil, this cream transforms your skin with its antioxidants.

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Creme De La Mer, 1,609 TL LA MER

Inspired by the sea, this cream provides a visible transformation on the skin. Keeping ethical and sustainable costs ahead of its brands, La Mer reduces the appearance of wrinkles on the skin with this cream, while at the same time eliminating dryness.

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Cactus Water Moisturizer, 349 TL BOSCIA

Attracting attention with its Queen of the Night Cactus content, this moisturizer makes your skin soft, smooth and supple. This moisturizing cream, which quickly penetrates the lower layers of your skin, can also be used on oily skin with its light formula.

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Lala Retro Moisturizing Cream, £50 DRUNK ELEPHANT

If you are looking for a powerful moisturizer, this face cream is for you! This cream, which contains African oil with 6 different plant extracts, also protects the moisture of your skin for a long time with its ceramic complex.

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Immortelle Divine Harmony Cream, 1,074 TL L’OCCITANE

Combining the powers of the sea and island of Corsica in this moisturizing cream, L’Occitane activates the beautifying powers of your skin. Containing immortelle and red algae, this care cream makes your face look calm and stable.


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Carrot Skin Moisturizing Cream, 129.90 TL THE BODY SHOP

Produced with sluggish but organized carrots, which are not used in the food section, this skin moisturizer meets your daily moisture needs while revealing the healthy-looking glow of your face at the same time. The packaging of this work, which has 100% vegan and 97% natural content, is 100% recyclable.

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