We love inspiring female success stories. For this reason, we came to a conclusion with Çağla Bingöl. Çağla Bingöl, the creator of Roius SOS Balm, which has become indispensable for many people in a short time as a cure for dry hands during the pandemic process, is one of the founders of the Garage Organics brand, which is also sold in Beymen. Now, with the Roius Naturals Hero Daily Vitamin C moisturizer, which is water-based and suitable for all skin types, it is in the bathroom cabinets of beauty enthusiasts…

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, how did your love for skin care begin?

After the Liaison training I received in Italy, I worked in the PR field in Istanbul for a period. Subsequently, the London St. I had additional training in fashion writing at Martins. Then I can say that the connection shifted to more fashion, art and cosmetics. I wasn’t very fond of skin care until I started working as a liaison manager at MAC Cosmetics under Estee Lauder Companies. I used to use the works that my sister recommended to me (fortunately, I was lucky because she was very knowledgeable). This was also true for makeup. I did not have much closeness with make-up in the following years, but it has always fascinated me with an extremely powerful weapon in the hands of someone who uses it adequately. Skin care, on the other hand, is something that can make people feel very good when done correctly. If there is no properly prepared canvas, the make-up is not enough. I loved the pure pleasantness that skin care achieves. For this reason, I set out on this path by dreaming of creating concise, healthy and honest series of works. Actually, my wife, Ufuk, started to bring healthy and organic cosmetic products from abroad before these plans of mine. His company, Niş Kozmetik, was one of the first to announce the organic trend in Turkey, bringing certified brands from France and America to the pharmacy channel. I also have a hair care brand called Garage Organics with my partner Ahmet Çoban. We also offer it for sale both in Garage Hair Repair Salons, Beymen’s and its own shopping site.

What does Roius mean to you, what did you care about while creating the brand?

While creating the Roius Naturals brand, we dreamed of producing honest, healthy products that are far from the buzzwords, that truly make their promises. In the design logic of the Japanese, there is no room for any extra detail or ornament that is not useful for function. I took this ideology as an example for myself. In this sense, we also prioritized the use of active ingredients, the importance of which is just beginning to be understood in skin care. For example, acids, enzymes, vitamins. And before, we were only after the most natural. However, when we concentrated on the formula side of the job, we realized that sometimes it is not just natural ingredients. In addition, with the “green washing” policy, a concern that should not have been created has been created. This was a different way of marketing as usual. Some very necessary chemicals have been misrepresented to people under the name “parabens”. We do not only include truly toxic ingredients, but we also favor the use of necessary chemicals. We are trying to explain this to people as a new mission.

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SOS Balm became an indispensable product in a short time. Can you explain the work a little bit?

SOS Balm was a very interesting work indeed. Every brand needs such a cult piece. We wanted our first work to be such a powerful formula. This work is actually an ointment that should be at hand at all times. Especially in the hands of mothers. It is used for minor wounds, burns, itching, allergies, eczema, dryness and severe rash. It quickly relieves the damaged area, takes away the pain and itching. Then it defends itself against external factors and the repair process begins. We used very heavy antioxidants that regenerate cells. Especially the currant extract, which is just beginning to be appreciated. All ingredients are certified organic and free of toxic ingredients. We designed the natural work in this way, but those who bought it and started using it discovered its fast repairing feature and started to use it as a night mask for their very dry and sensitive faces. I also apply a care cure with SOS Balm to my skin, which becomes sensitive especially during seasonal changes. But other than that, let’s call it an emergency ointment, the supreme savior of the whole family.

Who is Hero Daily for, what is its superiority, what is your story of revealing it from other works?

While designing Hero Daily, we set out with the aim of making a water-based soft moisturizer that can be used daily, which is suitable for all skin types, but which can be easily preferred by oily and acne-risk skins, who have difficulty in finding traces and are concerned about every work. One of the most valuable effects for me is vitamin C. Because vitamin C is one of the only ingredients that can not be newly produced in the skin and can strengthen the collagen structure that causes sagging and wrinkles as it decreases. We preferred Ascorbyl Glycoside, which is the derivative of Vitamin C, which provides the most comfortable harmony to the skin and is not as difficult to protect and apply as L-ascorbic acid, which we know as pure vitamin C. Vitamin C also prevents new spots and helps to lighten existing ones. Apart from that, we used the Salicornia plant, which is called the herbal version of hyaluronic acid, in this work. We didn’t just make it to the water base, we wanted it to contribute a little more moisture, and we made the Aloe Vera extract as a base besides the water. Again, we used antioxidants that remove the signs of premature aging. We also added beetroot extract with vitamin D. This ingredient also helps the skin retain moisture. There is also the usual vitamin E. In fact, E is both in the antioxidant category and the most adequate way to activate vitamin C is to use Vitamin E. We bottled the artwork in an opaque white, Airless bottle. Because it is very valuable that Vitamin C does not come into contact with air. In the airless bottle, we used a design that protects the inner metal system. In other words, we tried to make the extract very different from all the works on the market again.

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Can you tell us a little bit about the use of Hero, how should it be combined with artifacts for different ages?

Sure, Hero Daily is actually a moisturizer that can be used from the age of 20. The sooner you introduce Vitamin C to the skin, the more you will prevent collagen loss. Dry skin can combine this moisturizer with a serum containing antioxidants such as vitamin E during the winter months. For oily skin, a tonic or gel with Aloe Vera, for example, can be used to balance oil after cleansing. For combination skin, Aloe Vera can only be applied to the T-Zone. Next comes the Hero Daily. If you have acne, a peeling containing BHA 1-2 times a week can be added to the care routine. For people over 30 years old, it will be sufficient to use serum for the area around the eyes, according to the requirement. In addition, a pore-tightening tonic, such as rose or green tea, works well on mature skin. We definitely recommend sun protection after moisturizing for everyone. In fact, we repeat this offer so many times that they may think that we are a sun brand on social media. Because the sun is one of the most damaging factors to collagen tissue. It also multiplies the stains. One nice thing about Vitamin C is that it supports the protective effect of sunscreen.

Can you talk a little bit about Garage Organics’ most popular works?

While designing Garage Organics, my partner Ahmet Çoban wanted to create a very small and powerful series. This suited me very well. We only have 9 kinds of works. 7 of them contain hair-body care products registered by Organics and with Europe’s most prestigious Cosmos Organic certificate. Two other works are on our newer line. In that series, there are works that we have prepared by combining plants with non-toxic clean chemical ingredients for problems that we cannot solve with only organic ingredients. For example, Leave-in Treatment No.2, which instantly softens the hair, makes it easy to comb and protects from heat, and the sulfate-free shampoo Gorgeous Wash. Both of these works are in the middle of bestsellers. In our organic series, we focused on products that repair hair. Ahmet has a whole new take on hair care. Applying works to the hair horizontally, not vertically. Because the requirements of the root part of the hair and the most worn end part are not the same. However, there are sets of artifacts for damaged hair in other brands, for example. This means that there are nourishing oils and silicone-derived materials that provide lubrication in the work. But the base of the hair doesn’t really need it. When you use this work vertically, you do not benefit but harm your hair. When Ahmet explained this to me, I had an instant enlightenment. I love that the brand has a special ideology. In our Garage Organics series, we give Hair Balm to the most worn-out areas, Hair Wash shampoo, which only strengthens the hair roots, and Hair Serum, which traps moisture in the entire body, compared to neediness. In addition, we carried all hair care before the bath. In this way, you are not counting the bloody tiles in the bathroom while taking care of your hair.

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What’s the next step for Roius?

For the next step in Roius Naturals, P&D studies continue from all directions. We are currently working on an enzyme cleanser and an eye serum in the laboratory. In addition, a different work that will be appropriate for the Rosacea issue, which we are asked a lot, is in the middle of our projects again. Let’s see, we will launch whoever sees the finish line first. We continue to work with proven actives and certified plant extracts that have laboratory tests over the usual repetition.

What is your most valuable advice to us about skin care?

Finally, I would like to make a note about an issue that we encounter a lot these days. Recently, we see many brands prepared amateurishly in the residential environment. Although we support this as a curiosity and a hobby, we do not find the works prepared by being brought to a place in the wrong environment temperature without paying attention to the mixing properties of the contents, in accordance with non-sterile rules (I mean laboratory degree). Especially to sell them to other people as a brand, except for personal use. Believe me, when skin care products are like this, they can cause irreversible problems on the skin. These kinds of problems have been reported to us very often lately. We try to help with our offers as much as we can, but it can reach almost burn-like stains. Be very careful.