Stony face stickers are among the favorite trends of the festivities! Crystal or colored stickers, which we have seen in makeup trends in recent years, are now used for a very different reason. If you have not experienced a smooth skin during the quarantine period, you are not alone. Especially the acne problem due to tension may have increased with the masks. A very different procedure began to be used for these pimples, called ‘Maskne’. The acne stickers we see on social media bring a festive mood to your face. These stickers, which also work on white dots, work to fit your acne problem while coloring your style.

Quite different from liquid or creamy formulated acne treatments, these acne pastes are ideal for emergencies. If walking around with floral or heart stickers on your face in your street style is not for you, you can try this trend of beauty at home. At the same time, these stickers, which produce extraordinary Instagram selfies, apply an aggravated treatment on acne. These stickers, which apply pore treatment to the acne area with the necessary mineral and vitamin contents, hide your pimples and white spots in a fun way, while simultaneously accelerating the smoothing process.

K-Beauty (Korean Beauty) Inspired by your methods, these stickers can solve even your most stubborn acne problem! These stickers, which you can see in different colors and forms, can remind you of your playbook in your primary school years. Acne stickers, which you can find transparent or skin-colored at the same time, are one of the most innovative solutions for your skin complaints with their anti-infection contents. In the midst of new make-up and skincare trends, which are generally inspired by ancient rituals of pleasantness, we can say that this time there really is a whole new trend!

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You can browse the photo gallery to discover acne stickers, one of the unexpected beauty trends…


Acne Patch, 39.90 TL GLAM UP

This acne patch contains sodium hyaluronate, which helps you clear up acne in two steps. These pastes, which apply active ingredients to the problem area, support the soothing of acne and cleaning the pores.


Hydro-Stars Star Acne Patch, $20 STARFACE

The sticker book you carefully kept in your primary school years will be proud of you! These yellow star-shaped acne bands absorb bacteria and infection in the problem area, allowing you to achieve a healthier skin.


Bye Bye Pimple Tape, 34.90 TL MIZON

While protecting the spotty area, these tapes, which provide relief at the same time, form a protective layer on the acne and reduce the possibility of scarring by absorbing sebum and inflammation.


Figured Acne Patches, £3 OH K!

Whether you turn the analysis of your acne problem into a fun with heart and stars, or focus on the analysis with round bands… This acne banding set allows you to have a smoother skin within hours by cleaning the bacteria and dirt in the problem area with tea tree oil and salicylic acid.


Acne Stickers, €20.45 SKYN ICELAND

These strips, which correct your acne problem within hours, soothe your skin by absorbing excess sebum and bacteria. Containing salicylic acid and tea tree oil, this product creates an anti-bacterial effect on the distressed area.


Breakout Box, £18 PATCHOLOGY

There are many tapes against different problems in this acne sticker set. These products, which target white and black spots with their contents such as salicylic acid or hydrocolloid, allow you to say goodbye to acne problem by cleaning your pores within hours.

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Acne Patch, 38.90 TL COSRX

In addition to black and white spots, these tapes, which you can use on your acne, help to eliminate the acne problem by fighting against infections and bacteria in the problem area. These tapes containing hydrocolloid maintain their stickiness while washing your skin or taking a shower.


Flower Power Acne Stickers, £14 SQUISH

These stickers in the form of stones and flowers look so fun! Don’t be fooled by its sweet appearance… These strips also work to improve your acne problem. Created by model Charli Howard, these vegan acne patches make your skin smoother within hours.


Acne Patch, 249 TL PEACE OUT SPOT

Containing salicylic acid, aloe vera and Vitamin A to reduce blemishes, these stickers create a protective barrier over your acne problem.


Heart Acne Patches, $10 TRULY

We solve our skin problems with love! These bands in the form of a pink heart may be the most sympathetic procedure for acne problem. Enriched with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, these moisturizing strips provide rapid relief of your acne problem.