2019 Spring Summer season hairstyles include party buns!

As in every period, the eyes turned to party buns in the 2019 Spring-Summer period! It’s time to create great opportunities with bun models that provide harmony with every combination, besides stylish and shabby, and to reveal the star in you with a passionate new spiritual power… Hair Designer Orhan Bademli, who said that it’s time to perceive, feel and apply the rising power of freshness as well as leveled provocativeness, is also in this period. showcased models with arguments from each other.

Hair fashion, like clothing, gives new presentations to people with its innovations and a total behavior. Orhan Bademli says that the most trendy model in 2019 Spring-Summer hair is party buns. Bademli magic application stage, which says that the new era top buns give a stylish and aesthetic appearance, states that the new generation bun hair style, which is created with an ultra-flat, jet-shaped smooth finish, can be made perfect with the xxs fringe style final touch, which is a must for mysterious looks.


Although the micro bangs are shortening a few inches this period, the haircut
It adds a contemporary flair to its models. If you are afraid to try micro bangs, which are the favorites of many stars from Rooney Mara to Bella Hadid, you can achieve this look with false fringe hair.


Almond, “ The heavy colors of this period will keep up with the summer. We will see that brunette women with tanned skin create remarkable and interesting results by interpreting iridescent cashew hues in the middle of deep dark hair colors. In the middle, “What suits me? For those who do research, the hair colors of celebrities can be a guide for many women. Of course, at this stage, my advice to women is ” Instead of “Is it the hair color that I like”, it should be “I should have the opportunity to use seductive and suitable colors with the new generation coloring preferences.” says.

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