Leather and denim elegance for changing weather conditions!

Adapting to changing weather conditions

Just when we were trying to remove the summer cottages, the next week the temperature drops again. If we wear a denim jacket, we get cold, if we wear a coat, we sweat. We can’t make the combination we want. “So what to wear?” I’m about to hear you say. I say quickly: leather jacket and denim!

Season’s favorite leather jacket and denim

While the leather jacket will prevent you from getting cold in cold weather, it will not make you sweat as much as the coat in hot weather. Denim jackets are also in the middle of alternatives. Both are cuts that you can use easily with your combinations. Moreover, it is possible to make it stylish with the combinations that I will suggest to you.

Denim jacket and tights

Are you in favor of a sporty look? Then this outfit is just for you! You can wear a light-colored or black tights underneath and choose a short-sleeved oversized T-shirt over your top. Did you wear your denim jacket, the combination is ok.

Leather jacket and palazzo pants

If you are one of those who say that they cannot compromise on my shape while being comfortable, a leather jacket and stone colored palazzo pants will suit you very well. In fact, these color trousers have been very popular for two periods. They look very harmonious with a leather jacket.

Jeans chic

Mom model trousers with a blue denim denim jacket are very popular in sport chic!

My vote is for the leather jacket and palazzo pants! Which is your favourite?