Maybelline New York invites you to liven up, dance, reach for the sky, in short, add color to life with the “Press Play” activation it has launched around the world. Maybelline New York Make-up Artist Alp Kavasoğlu is with you with tips that will make you feel the positive effect of make-up.

Maybelline New York, which carries make-up trends from the catwalks to the streets, crowned our return to our habits, which we put down with the effect of the pandemic. The brand invites everyone to press the ‘PLAY’ button with the Press Play activation to revitalize our lives that we have stopped together with the pandemic and to spice up our lives.

Referring to the positive effect of makeup, Maybelline New York Makeup Artist Alp Kavasoğlu; “In these days when we are getting ready to continue from where we left off, fun and colorful make-up applications have started to become a trend again. Makeup has a definite positive effect on many people. Returning to old habits feels empowering and empowering.” said.

Stating that the way to look impressive with make-up and create a positive effect with it, is to use works of truth and to make accurate applications, Kavasoğlu shared her make-up tips:

Super lasting Superior Stay Active Wear Foundation
“One of the most valuable stages of make-up is, of course, the application of foundation… In this period, where permanence gains extra value, it is necessary to choose products that will allow the skin to breathe and provide great permanence. Gorgeous Stay Active Wear Foundation from Maybelline New York offers permanence even in the most active moments of life. It provides a flawless appearance when applied evenly to the skin, and does not create any burden thanks to its formula that leaves a light-like feel to the air. It is possible to feel the smooth and natural skin effect throughout the day with the Superior Stay Active Wear Foundation, which offers a matte finish.”


Unlimited length of lashes with Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara
“The key to eye-catching looks is providing day-long impact and unlimited length. Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara, which offers unlimited length and volume on eyelashes thanks to the bamboo extract and fibers it contains, is the first choice for attractive looks. ”

A flashy look on the eyes with Tattoo Liner Gel Eye Pencil
“The most important point to consider when choosing an eyeliner is that the work has a non-smudging formula. In this sense, my preference is the Tattoo Liner Gel Eye Pencil from Maybelline New York… Offering a permanent tattoo effect on the eyes for up to 36 hours, the work is also a favorite of make-up lovers this period with its formula that is resistant to water and sweat and does not contaminate. Its colorfastness, strength, ease of application and tattoo-effect density are in the middle of the features that make Tattoo Liner Gel Eye Pencil stand out.”

Great Stay Matte Ink Liquid Matte Lipstick for a matte finish in one swipe
“Superior Stay Matte Ink Liquid Matte Lipstick family, which is the favorite of beauty lovers with its strong formula, is the favorite of the period with its unique colors. The wonderful Stay Matte Ink Liquid Matte Lipstick is redefining the impressive look on the lips this season! Gorgeous Stay Matte InkLikit Matte Lipstick, which catches all the curves of the lip and offers a matte finish in one swipe, is resistant to eating and drinking and provides long-lasting durability.