We can say that Instagram filters, which greatly affect the effort of looking flawless in the perception of beauty, force us to perfection, especially in social media. Although this is not the same for everyone, it is a fact that we ladies always want to look beautiful and good/young at any age and in any situation. In fact, isn’t it the fear of seeming enough that drives us to these filters? So why do we need this? Because it is always our dream to have a smooth and baby-like skin. Unfortunately, in real life, when we wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, the situation can be a little different. It turns out that we can eliminate this (and filters) by improving our skin quality with flawless products and regular care. Doesn’t it sound good?


Morning and evening regularly; If you first cleanse it with cleansing products suitable for your skin type and needs, and then meet the need for moisture, you lay the foundation for a healthy skin. After that, it is time to fight against problems such as blemishes, acne, pores, loss of elasticity and to do heavy maintenance with products that will support its renewal. When you continue this step-by-step routine without interruption, you are protecting your skin.


With new generation applications that will renew the skin and reveal its natural glow, you can have a much more lively and energetic skin appearance in a short time. If you want to get instant results in cases where cosmetic products cannot grow and are not enough for the dullness, dryness and tired appearance of the skin, you can rely on medical care applications. Keep in mind the Radiance Peel in this regard. Resveratrol, lactobionic acid, kojic acid and C vitaminWe asked the expert esthetician Ahu Karaduman, the founder of D-Plus center, about the details of this application, which supports the regeneration of the skin in a needle-free and painless form with its formula enriched with active elements and antioxidants such as:


“The Radiance Peel, which is a needle-free skin rejuvenation system, is a multifunctional program that supports collagen and elastin synthesis, revitalizes the skin, increases its elasticity, moisturizes, balances skin color and protects against antioxidants. After a short application, which lasts for 15-20 minutes, in the first session, the improvements in the skin are noticed in a visible form. The skin tone becomes more even, taut and radiant. 3-4 days after the process is done, a gentle peeling takes place (on the skin) that will not affect daily life and will not cause sensitivity. After the process, the moisture stores of the skin are saturated, color integrity is achieved and a visible reduction in fine lines is achieved. It can be done as 4-6 session cures at two-week intervals, 2-3 cures a year.”

By adding these products to your care hours, you can improve your skin quality and make your skin look flawless at any age.

Writing:Nilay Yalcinkaya
Taken from ELLE Turkey November 2020 issue.


High Definition, CC cream, ₺479, ERBORIAN


Illuminator & Stain Axis Concentrate, ₺320, MİSBAHÇE


Greek Yoghurt, probiotic night cream, ₺294, KORRES


Eye care mask with pomegranate extract, ₺29,90, SEPHORA


Sebo Végétal, purifying peeling, ₺59,90, YVES ROCHER


Beauty Elixir, pore-tightening facial spray, ₺90, CAUDALIE


Growth Factor, firming serum, ₺1750, ZO SKIN HEALTH


Lait-Creme Concentre, moisturizing cream, ₺189, EMBRYOLISSE


Photo Reverse Tinted, color monitor, ₺399, ESTHEDERM


Mineral SPF 30, mattifying sunscreen cream, ₺489, REN


Moisture Therapy, aloe vera juice, ₺94.90, L’OREAL PARIS


Hydrance Aqua-Gel, moisturizing gel cream, 159,90, ₺AVENE