Due to the pandemic, we started to do the care in beauty salons at home… Therefore, skin care technologies were moved to the residences in a practical and easy-to-use manner. If you have visited a skin care center before, the steam applied on your face after care will not be unfamiliar to you. We can say that steam devices, which open pores and make skin care products more effective, are the newest member of skin care routines. This technique, called ‘facial sauna’, allows you to achieve a healthier skin while equalizing your skin tone.

One of the most obvious advantages of steam devices for the face is that it increases the thermal degree of your skin by accelerating the blood circulation in your skin. Steam, which increases the temperature of your skin and makes the oxygen flow more efficient, ensures that the skin cells are fed more quickly with new vitamins and minerals. After cleaning your skin and applying steam, you can increase the effect of the facial sauna with a serum and moisturizer.

In its most basic form, steam increases the temperature of your skin, which causes the congestion in the pores to evaporate by heating. In general, it takes some effort to remove the dirt and sebum that clog your pores, but the things that block the pores with heat melt and are easier to remove. These devices, which deeply clean the clogged pores by keeping your skin moist and steamy, allow you to have a spa experience in your bathroom.

You can examine the facial steam devices we have chosen for you in the photo gallery…


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Facial Steamer, $79.99 MASKERADE

This facial steamer, which accelerates the absorption of skin care products such as serum and moisturizer, leaves a moist and healthy appearance while deeply cleaning your pores.

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Facial Moisturizer Steamer, 313.85 TL SUNYDOG

This device, which enhances your skin care routine, can be used before serum and moisturizer. This device, which opens the pores and helps to remove stubborn blackheads, cleans your skin deeply.

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Pro Hydro-Mist Steamer, £138 SARAH CHAPMAN

Inspired by the technology in clinics, this device draws attention with its ultrasonic feature. This device, which makes your skin look moist and even while deeply cleaning your pores, provides more effect with negative ions.

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Facial Steamer, $30 DANIELLE CREATIONS

This steam device, which cleans the pores, helps in removing dirt and sebum. You can add an effective step to your skin care routine with this product that accelerates blood circulation at the same time.

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Aria Ionic Facial Steamer, $105 VANITY PLANET

This device, which works by ionizing water molecules, ensures that your skin is moisturized quickly. This device, which is ideal for skin that is dehydrated, also solves the problem of growing pores.

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Facial Steamer, $157 PANASONIC

Bringing beauty salon standards to your home, this steam device penetrates deep into the skin layers, instilling elasticity and youthful glow. This facial sauna, which deeply cleans the pores with its nano-ionic system, leaves a moist and smooth skin texture.

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Pro Facial Steamer, $149 DR. DENNIS GROSS


This device, which brings the spa experience to the residence, aims at clogged pores and dehydrated skin problems. Standing out with its portable and comfortable use, the Pro Facial steam device balances your skin texture within 9 minutes.

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Ionic Face Sauna, 899 TL BEURER

This device, which provides deep moisturizing of the skin, was developed with ion technology. This facial sauna, which cleans deeply by opening the pores on your face, accelerates the blood circulation and allows your skin to renew rapidly.

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