We have entered a change of seasons. With the increase in degrees and the change of nature, we want to make a difference both in our clothing and in our hair. The first things that come to mind when spring is mentioned; the winters are up, the spring is clean, and the blooming flowers! As every year, we are heading towards big differences in Spring 2020 as well. Just as in clothing trends, we cannot deny the influence of the well-known culture, while the breezes of the past are noticeable in the hair. Christina Aguilera’s hair from the 2000s or Mia Farrow’s hair from the 60s are inspiring 2020. While the ‘Friends’ series reunion we have received in recent weeks has increased the popularity of the series, we must say that the character of Rachel Green is one of the biggest inspirations of the era!

While simplicity and naturalness stand out in make-up and comfort in clothing, the situation is the opposite for our hair! If you are ready for the new era where you can show your thesis with your hair with shiny, shiny and asymmetrical shapes, you can examine the 7 coolest hair trends of the year below…


Lucy Boynton and Alicia Keys (Getty Images)

Crystal embroideries first joined the clothes, then the accessories, the make-up trends of the past period and now the hair trends! While the hair accessory trend is taken to the next level, the hairpins are replaced by colorful crystal stones. While we see naturalness and simple styles in make-up trends, we highlight our hair by saying this is the opportunity. You can use the crystal hair embroideries we saw on Lucy Boynton and Alicia Keys on the red carpet in buns and ponytails.

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Yara Shahidi and Lupita Nyong’o (Getty Images)

The geometric eyeliner trend that we see in the middle of makeup styles is seen in the middle of hair trends in parallel. In particular, the geometric sections that curly, fluffy or wavy hairstyles can try create a cool look. Different buns, sharp stripes or asymmetrical hairstyles make up the unmistakable ways of the red carpet.


Shay Mitchell and Naomi Campbell (Getty Images)

We’re leaving the ‘Beach Waves’ style behind and moving towards straight hair. An even brighter and longer version of the ‘glass’ short hair trend we’ve seen in the past is in the midst of many celebrities’ favorites in Spring Summer 2020. You can get straight and wonderfully shiny hair that emphasizes the healthy and radiant look of your hair with sprays.


Julia Roberts and Blake Lively (Getty Images)

There is a new trend emerging against cold and ashy tones: strawberry blondes! We are seeing the return of the often preferred warm tones as they quickly blend in with all skin tones. Blake Lively and Julia Roberts were added to the middle of those who prefer warm toned yellows that Beyonce, Drew Barrymore, Sofia Vergara and Adele have not given up for years! You can get a slightly reddish yellow tone by choosing a darker and honey yellow instead of platinum yellow bales.


Jennifer Aniston (Instagram / @friends) Selena Gomez (Instagram / @kellyclarksonshow)

We don’t think that the passion of the new generation, and possibly future generations, for ‘Friends’ will end. The news that the ‘Friends’ team will appear for the first time after the series finale further increased the interest in the series. Jennifer Aniston’s hair style and color were at the top of the photos shown to hairdressers for a long time. In Spring Summer 2020, we see that the Rachel Green haircut, played by Jennifer Aniston, is on the rise. Selena Gomez, who attended Kelly Clarkson’s show last week, attracted attention with her Rachel Green inspired hair. We are sure that we will see the reflection of Rachel Green’s hairstyle, which has become an ‘icon’ with its voluminous and face-framing hair section, in many celebrities!



Zoe Kravitz and Michelle Williams (Getty Images)

Mia Farrow or Twiggy… ‘Pixie’ haircuts are in the Spring Summer 2020 season for those who are looking for bold changes! Pixie hair, which we can call contemporary Mia, draws attention with its folded sections. We see pixie hair that looks rebellious and cool in layered and asymmetrical styles instead of straight sections. Contemporary pixie hair styled with short and long sections is in the middle of sideburns by Zoe Kravitz and Michelle Williams.


Christina Aguilera and Dua Lipa (Getty Images)

Bold hairstyles are among the favorites in the Spring Summer 2020 season! Christina Aguilera inspired hair, which will be indispensable for young people and those whose spirit is young, was Dua Lipa’s choice. This hairstyle, in which you can dye your hair platinum blonde and leave the gold in dark tones, replaces the colored hair of the past years. This hairstyle, which became the signature of Christina Aguilera in the early 2000s, has now become Dua Lipa’s favorite. You can choose this style, which is as argumentative as colored hair, for your new period change.