Care according to skin types in summer

Care according to skin types in summer

The skin requires different care rituals in every season. It is very valuable to determine the needs of the skin and to care for it in every season, but pay attention to the summer… During the summer months, the skin can dry out or be worn out by factors such as heat, sun rays, sea, pool and air conditioning. What kind of skin care routine should be applied in summer to prevent drying and wear, to maintain the moisture stability of the skin and to have a radiant skin? Medical Aesthetics Specialist Gizem Yalçın explains the works that should be included in the care routine according to skin types in summer.

Care according to skin types in summer

In summer, the skin produces more oil, the pores open more, so it is necessary to use skin cleansers that will help tighten the pores.

In the summer, the pores start to produce more oil to prevent drying due to the rising temperatures. Due to the loss of oil production, the pores open more, so it is necessary to use skin cleansers that will help tighten the pores. Skin care routine should include skin cleansing twice a day. When choosing the real skin cleanser, users need to know their skin type properly. Artifacts that are not suitable for the skin type can cause dryness, acne formation or skin lubrication. The skin cleanser, which should be preferred for oily, combination and acne-prone skin, should be in the form of gel or foam. Works in gel or foam form purify the skin from excess oil, giving it a more lively appearance. For dry or sensitive skin types, creamy skin cleansers should be preferred. Thus, while the skin is purified from the dirt brought by daily life, it is moisturized and revitalized at the same time. Another valuable point to consider when choosing a real skin cleanser in summer is that the product has a light formula. Instead of the heavy nature of skin care products used in winter, products that will not tire the skin that is tired of the heat and whose stability changes in summer should be used.

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The use of tonic, which cleans the pores that the cleaners cannot clean, gains even more importance in the summer as the pores are more open and prone to pollution.
Although it is less preferred than other stages in skin care, using tonic provides a great benefit for the skin in real variety and use. The use of tonic, which cleans the pores that the cleaners cannot clean, gains even more value in summer as the pores are more open and prone to pollution. Those who have oily, acne-prone or large-pored skin should use tonics containing fruit acid, that is, AHA-BHA. Fruit acid tonics clean the pores, delay lubrication and calm acne. Users with combination skin types should prefer alcohol-containing tonics. In combination skin, oiliness occurs in the T-zone, while alcohol-containing tonics balance the T-zone, making the skin look more vibrant and bright. Dry and sensitive skin should prefer tonics with soothing properties. Soothing tonics reduce the appearance of redness by soothing the skin.

The use of serum is very valuable to compensate for the moisture lost in the summer months.
Serums, which are a great investment for the skin when the wrong choice is made, are of great value for skin that suffers from moisture loss in summer. It is necessary to pay attention to the real use of serums, which are heavy and concentrated products. If this point is not taken care of, it can leave damage such as staining and oiling on the skin. For this reason, it is vital to use the correct serum to a real extent. For users between the ages of 20-25, the real preference is serums loaded with moisture, namely hyaluronic content. Because moisture-laden serums can be used as a kind of starting serums for systematic care. Moisture-laden serums give the skin a more vibrant and bright appearance, while providing the daily moisture needed at the same time. Users in the group over the age of 25 should prefer antiaging serums with antioxidants, vitamins C and E or retinol. Since this type of serum has restructuring and cell-renewing properties, it provides the vitamin and antioxidant base that the skin needs for the regeneration of cells, while reducing the signs of aging on the skin. Moisturizing serums can be added to the care routine twice a day, morning and evening. Antioxidant serums, on the other hand, can be applied once a day in the evening or twice a day, in the morning and evening, depending on the skin structure and the intensity of the sun’s rays.


Using a moisturizer to repair dry skin in summer is one of the skin care steps that should not be neglected…

The measure of moisture, which is the most valuable thing for keeping the skin healthy, actually constitutes the most valuable part of skin care. Using a moisturizer to repair dry skin in summer is one of the skin care steps that should not be neglected… Since dry skin is prone to wrinkles, it is necessary not to neglect moisturizer in daily life. Moisturizers that should be selected in accordance with the skin structure; It is divided into three as water-based, oil-based and serum form. For dull and dehydrated skin, heavy oil-based cream moisturizers should be preferred. Because oil-based products contain more moisture, they meet the moisture needed by dry skin. For combination, acne-prone or deep-pored skin, preference should be for water-based products as it also prevents oiling problems. Users with dry, sensitive, capillary-like skin should prefer oil-based and ceramide-containing products that repair the skin barrier.

The greatest smoothness that can be done for the skin in summer is to use sunscreen…

Sunscreens, which are an effective protector against the damage caused by the harmful rays of the sun for all ages, genders and skin types, need to be renewed and used 4-5 times a day not only in summer but also in winter months. Along with paying attention to the preference of sunscreens with 30+ SPF and above, 50+ SPF creams are the healthiest for the skin. It is important to pay attention to the UVA and UVB properties when purchasing sunscreen. These features are the most valuable features that will protect the skin from the damage caused by the sun’s rays… Using sunscreen is the greatest suitability that can be made for the skin in summer, since its effect increases due to the size and angle of the sun rays exposed in summer months…

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Pay attention to your diet…
For a healthy skin, how it is fed is also very valuable. As well as the creams and treatments applied to the skin, the foods consumed also affect the skin’s pleasantness.

It is possible to make the skin healthy quickly…
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