What are the Symptoms of Middle Ear Inflammation? Treatment

Middle ear inflammation may cause ear congestion and hearing loss. Middle ear inflammation symptoms is pain in the ear at the beginning. Other symptoms and treatment are in our article…

Known symptoms of otitis media are:

  • In ear pain occurs.
  • Especially in young children, restlessness occurs due to pain.
  • Difficulty and pain occur when chewing or sucking something.
  • People with otitis media experience loss of appetite.
  • They have sleepless days as they have sleep problems.
  • In the middle ear In case of excessive pressure increase and perforation of the eardrum, inflammation or bloody discharge may occur in the outer ear.
  • Fever may occur.
  • Nausea and vomiting may occur.
  • Dizziness may occur.
  • Hearing loss may occur.

What are the Factors Determining the Treatment of Middle Ear Inflammation?

otitis media factors that determine how to treat are:

  • How serious is the existing infection and what is the type of infection
  • If the person has had a condition such as otitis media before, how often does this situation occur?
  • How long the infection has existed in the person’s otitis media problem
  • How old is the person who has a middle ear infection problem?
  • Whether the person has experienced or not experienced hearing loss within the symptoms of otitis media

Things to Do to Prevent Middle Ear Inflammation

Some of the things that should be done to prevent otitis media are as follows:

  • Giving babies breast milk regularly for at least the first 6 months
  • Avoiding crowds
  • Avoiding exposure to cigarette smoke
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