What Is Pemphigus, Why Does It Happen? How Is It Treated?


disease expressed as ; It means that the immune system perceives its own body cells as foreign and attacks them. The immune system specifically attacks skin proteins. It occurs in people aged 40-60 years. Physical examinations, biopsy, blood test can be done to diagnose the patient. This health problem causes various wounds, blisters and disturbing images, especially in the oral and genital areas. It shows improvement and regression in a week with drug treatment.

What are the Causes of Pemphigus?

Causes of pemphigus problems in the immune system come. In general, the problems that trigger the disease cannot be detected. However, what should normally be; It attacks problems such as harmful viruses or bacteria in the immune system. But in pemphigus, the immune system detects healthy cells as invaders and starts attacking them. In general, the causes are not known exactly. However, pemphigus is not contagious. Unfortunately, there is no measure to be taken to prevent this disease from occurring. However, some factors may increase the severity of this disease. These:

  • Environmental factors and stress,
  • The use of various drugs such as penicillamine, captopril and rifampicin,
  • Changes in hormones,
  • Pregnancy process,
  • Wrong vaccines,
  • Tumors,
  • Genetic predisposition.
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Does it Give Pemphigus Symptoms?

Pemphigus symptoms varies according to the type of disease. These symptoms vary according to the condition of the disease and health problems. These:

  • Wounds in the mouth area,
  • Painful blisters on the skin area,
  • Leaks on the skin,
  • Scaly skin structure,
  • Having difficulty eating,
  • Blisters in the pharynx and rectum,
  • Non-healing open wounds,
  • Blisters on the back and scalp.
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What is Pemphigus Treatment?

Pemphigus treatment

It is very important to consult a specialist for . Although there is no cure, the symptoms need to be controlled. Otherwise, it is a health problem that can cause death. Cortisone drugs and immunosuppressant drugs can be used. Biological therapies are also used when drugs do not provide sufficient effect. The drugs that should be used, their dosages and additional treatments will be determined according to the patient’s condition. There is no standard treatment for every patient. Keeping the morale of the patients high, being physically active and being happy are the most important details in the treatment of the disease.