Dye or cut… Even the slightest change in hairstyle can seem overwhelming to us. Especially when we think about our previous experiences, it can be understood why we are so careful about hair nowadays. Presumably the dye can be undone, but the sections of hair become truly radical. We’ve all had an experience where we say “just get it from the ends” and come out of the hairdresser with hair just above our ears. Even celebrities!

While the bad experiences we have in hair parts show their effect for a long time, they can create a much bigger ‘disaster’ effect on celebrities. Think about it this way… You walk out of the hairdresser with the cut you never wanted, and just as you burst into tears, the flashes of dozens of cameras go off and then you sit on the internet’s agenda… Isn’t it scary? That’s exactly what celebrities go through during their messy hair days, whether they want it or not.

Stars who have struggled with red carpet criticism, brutal Instagram comments or the paparazzi are sharing the haircuts of their lives that they regret the most. Jennifer Aniston, who hates the ‘Rachel’ part, which has become an indispensable place in the recognized culture, or Kim Kardashian, who gave birth to a new hair trend, and the bright bob cut… Contrary to our liking, many celebrities ‘hated’ hair parts!

You can see the haircut regrets of 10 celebrities in the photo gallery…



Jennifer Lawrence, who tried out a pixie hair section for a period, says, “I’ve cut it before and it was on my shoulder and it started looking weird as it got longer. I was always making a bun and cut it straight. He couldn’t be more handsome!” she said.

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Kim Kardashian, who used a short bob hair part in 2018, said that she instantly regretted this part. “Wait… I miss my long hair,” Kim Kardashian wrote on Twitter, later returning to her long hair.

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Sarah Jessica Parker, who said she regretted her haircut between 2001 and 2002, said, “My hairstylist, Serge Normant, cut my hair for ‘Sex and the City’. This is a time for me that I want to forget and never want to talk about,” he said.

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Jennifer Aniston’s hair may be tried and coveted by millions… but even our hairstyle inspiration Jennifer Aniston has bad hair days! Saying that she hated the iconic ‘Rachel’ part from her ‘Friends’ series days, Aniston said, “I love my hair stylist Chris McMillan and at the same time he caused the destruction of my existence because Rachel started her style and I really don’t like it. How can I say? I think this is the most unseemly haircut I’ve ever seen in my life,” he said.

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We liked the pixie hair section that Carey Mulligan tried in 2009, but it turns out that Mulligan didn’t like it much! Speaking to Elle England, Mulligan explained how much her hair was damaged after the dye process. “I hate my hair,” says Mulligan. Indeed, it was ruined. My hair was burnt and falling out. I had to cut it out completely and then I cried,” she added.

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It’s hard for Halle Berry to look bad! But Berry thinks his 1994 episode was ‘terrible’. “My hair back then looked like an inverted mullet section,” Berry said, adding that this style is the hair he regrets the most.

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Biel’s hair regrets date back to adolescence! Saying that she decided to cut her hair into a bob shape at the age of 17, Biel said, “It was a completely blunt section and I used hairspray until it solidified. When I look back now, I feel terrified,” he said.

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Diane Kruger’s hair regret was dyeing instead of a cut. “I hadn’t dyed my hair for six months and worked away for two months,” says Kruger. “I was in New York and thought my hair looked so dull. I went to the market and bought a shine dye. But after applying this, my hair became a dark muddy brown. I called everyone I know in New York who could help me. Serge Normant saved me. At the moment, my hair is still a little red, but it is more than enough. It will always need to be processed. The staff at the hairdresser said it needed to be painted at least three more times,” said Kruger, and, like all of us, sometimes he could not get the results he wanted with the DIY paint ways in the house.

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Diaz, who tried a very short bob cut in 2012, said it was an accident. “There was a little misunderstanding. I said, ‘Just cut it at the end,’ and we got to this point. I just started crying and I felt so vulnerable,” says Diaz, recalling a haircut experience we’ve all probably had at least once!


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Katy Perry’s biggest hair regret dates back to puberty, as she tried different hair sections and rainbow hues each period. “I used to tell my 15-year-old self that the Meg Ryan hair part didn’t suit me at all. But probably 10 years later, I’m like, ‘Why do you think you’re a walking Pantone color book?’ I will ask,” says Katy Perry, preparing herself for future regrets!

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