Kaia Gerber gave up her signature brown hair! Sharing her new hairstyle with her followers, Gerber drew attention with her sun-blonde hair. Sharing his messy hairstyle on Instagram, Gerber was showered with comments by his friends and fans.

Sharing the selfie photo by saying “Zoom bleach”, Gerber gave the signals that she went through the process of bleaching her hair for a lighter hair color. The new hairstyle, which was appreciated by his fans and friends, gave Gerber a more mature and ‘cool’ air.

Gerber, who didn’t share the name of the hairstylist who changed her hair, still got a great tone. This hair tone, not too cool or too blonde, harmonized Gerber’s facial expression and style. Gerber, who started trying shorter hairstyles last year, even tried a pixie cut. Now, trying a new hair color with a new hair section, Gerber dazzled with her style.

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