Make sure to use these combs to prevent hair loss!

Choosing a comb according to your hair type is very valuable for your hair health. Using combs that are not suitable for your hair type will cause your hair to break, become dull and, most importantly, shed. When you use a comb suitable for your hair type, your hair will open more easily and your hair loss will be greatly reduced. So which comb is right for your hair type?

fine hair

Fine hair should use soft-bottomed and less-toothed combs. Especially if you have dull and voluminous hair, you should use brushes with wooden handles and wide gaps.

thick hair

If your hair type is thick, you should choose combs with as long bristles as possible. However, in this way, the comb can also reach the base of your hair.

Curly and fluffy hair

If your hair is curly and fluffy, it is very possible to get tangled. These hair types should prefer wide-spaced wooden or plastic combs. But before you start combing your hair, you should definitely help it soften by creaming it.

straight hair

If your hair is straight, you can use any comb you want, but I recommend you to choose wooden combs to prevent breakage.

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