What is a vegetarian diet and how is it applied? Diet list

Vegetarian diet; animal foods is a diet list program that is not consumed. It is a diet that protects from various diseases as well as being good for diabetes. A person on a vegetarian diet should consume 2000 calories per day.

Some Important Points About Vegetarian Eating

Vegetarian Here are some recommendations regarding nutrition:

  • It is absolutely necessary not to skip meals.
  • A single type of food should not be consumed, on the contrary, attention should be paid to food diversity. When a new flavor suggestion is presented, it should be tried.
  • As a snack, foods with high nutritional value and also rich in calcium, iron and vitamins should be preferred.
  • Oil consumption should not be reduced below 20%. This ratio should not be increased too much with the foods given under the name of vegetarian snacks.

2000 Calorie Vegetarian Diet List

to 2000 calories corresponding vegetarian diet list is as follows:

  • Breakfast: It should be consumed by mixing strawberries and melon with half a glass of skim milk. At the same time, 3 slices of a cake made with wheat flour can be eaten.
  • Lunch: 250 milliliters of soup, half a glass of dry beans, 60 grams of cracked crackers, 4 medium-sized carrots can be eaten. In addition, 1 glass of diet milk can be drunk.
  • Evening: In Pan vegetable food should be eaten. You can drink 1 glass of ice tea with it.
  • Snack: 30 grams of seeds, 1 banana or 250 milliliters of light fruit yogurt can be consumed as snacks.
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