A more conscious beauty journey at Sephora

Empty perfume bottles, make-up and skin care product packaging will be collected, and pleasantness will be recycled thanks to the recycling boxes specially positioned in Sephora Turkey stores.

Setting the trends in cosmetics, Sephora turns its focus to inclusive and innovative beauty this time. Sephora, which draws attention with its social responsibility projects that support women and its collections developed with the aim of a better world, the limitless power of beautywhat does it add?

Global scale program Sephora Stands takes care to add value to both the environment and the women under its roof. In this context, the recycling project Good For Recyclingbecomes the protagonist of an original story.

We Deva For Goodtogether with its travel, Sephora focuses on quality and affordable price scale and attracts the attention of the beauty enthusiasts. We Deva For Goodaims to shed light on three different costs with its principle:

The values ​​of Sephora, which adopts the “Good For” understanding strengthened by its sustainable vision:

  • We deva for Good Formulas/We Care About Good Formulas (More effective, natural, vegan formulas)
  • We deva for Good Packaging/We Value Good Packaging (Environmentally friendly recyclable packaging products)
  • We deva for Good Ways of Doing/We Care About Ways of Doing Good (Quality, belief, social and environmental standards, harmony and transparency)

Good makes us stronger

Sephora Collection also offers a policy of full transparency with its make-up, skin care and perfume products, and an accessible price scale. The brand embraces the “Good for” concept for a more sustainable world, from product formulations to packaging and production practices. Putting this competence movement at the forefront, the brand develops its works by offering more suitable ones for consumers and the world.

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Realized under the umbrella of Sephora Stands Good For Recycling Within the scope of the project, an added value is provided for nature and power saving. Empty perfume bottles, make-up and skin care product packaging are collected, while pleasantness is recycled, thanks to the recycling boxes specially positioned in Sephora Turkey stores.

With the women who add value to life

From the introductory meeting for the ‘Women Entrepreneurs Development and Acceleration Programme’ in cooperation with Sephora’s Women Entrepreneurs Association (KAGIDER)… (March 2020)

Sephora, by joining forces with KAGİDER, which supports women entrepreneurs, takes the competence movement into its main lens.

Sephora, which has become the love brand of the beauty lovers, takes care to support women on every platform with the cooperation carried out with KAGIDER, which gives support to entrepreneurial women.

This cooperation, carried out under the umbrella of the global scale program “Sephora Stands”, offers 30 female entrepreneurs selected with this cooperation to a 3-day development and acceleration camp, and offers the opportunity to meet the entrepreneurial women with daring and new market opportunities with the workshops to be given.

Sephora Turkey continues to stand by women who add value to a better world and life.

Sephora says…

“The world of beauty is changing… At Sephora, we believe in a more inclusive, innovative beauty that reinvents itself every day. We are committed to doing our best to meet your expectations with our perfumes, make-up, skincare and beauty products, and it is always our priority to be transparent about it.

brand new GOOD FOR Discover hundreds of works that we have prepared with a focus on a smoother world with natural and vegan ingredients in our series. From now on, each new period will come with new steps for us. Just like the start of our recycling program. We are starting our recycling program. With this program, we aim to collect empty perfume bottles, make-up and skin care product packaging in our stores and contribute to recycling through the recycling boxes we place in our stores. This is just the beginning now, but we are also aware of how valuable every step we take is. Together we will achieve much more. Because together we have this power; to the limitless power of pleasantness!”

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