Pure Beauty Youth Restore line for younger skin

Environmental factors are one of the most valuable factors that age the skin. In addition to environmental factors, the blue light emitted from technological devices also damages the skin. Prolonged exposure to blue light; It can cause many negative effects such as dryness, wrinkles, fine lines and spots on the skin. Pure BeautyYouth Restore series is designed to protect your skin from environmental factors and the damaging effects of blue light reflected from computer, phone and tablet screens.

Youth Restoreseries helps your skin look younger while protecting it against environmental factors by nourishing your skin with its herbal extracts.

Effects of the extracts in the content of the series:

  • Ginseng Flower Extract in the series helps you achieve a more well-groomed skin by regulating skin elasticity and tone.
  • Akebia Quinata Extract promises a more vibrant skin by tightening your skin with its anti-aging and wrinkle axis structure.
  • Lespedaza Catita Extract protects the skin from oxidative stress caused by blue light.
  • Maracuja Seed Extract increases the skin’s resistance to environmental pollution (UV Rays, Blue Light, Oxidizer, Internal and External stress, Fine dust causing air pollution).
  • Drumstick Seed Extract helps to purify the skin of ultra-fine dusts that cause air pollution.

Works in the Pure Beauty Youth Restore series:

Firming Essence It gives your skin a youthful and silky appearance as a basis for the reduction of wrinkles. – Pure Beauty Youth Restore Firming Essence:99.95 TL

Firming Eye Cream Thanks to the extracts in its content, it helps to tighten and revitalize the skin while reducing the dark circles and puffy appearance under the eyes for a brighter and younger appearance. – Cons of Pure Beauty Youth Restore Firming Eye Cream:89.95 TL


Eye Serum It is based on reducing the lines under the eyes, giving extra vitality around the eyes and reducing dark circles. More than 75% of users observe that wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes are softened.* – Cons of Pure Beauty Youth Restore Eye Serum:119.90 TL

Day Cream It helps tighten the skin, moisturize it and provide a heavy glow. More than 80% of users say they are happy with the nourishing properties of the cream.** – Cons of Pure Beauty Youth Restore Moisturizing Day Cream:129.90 TL

Moisturizing Night Cream It helps to reduce fine lines and brighten dull skin during sleep, allowing you to wake up with a fresher, more supple and youthful skin. More than 80% of users state that the cream is effective in preventing skin sagging and tightening.* – Cons of Pure Beauty Youth Restore Moisturizing Night Cream:129.90 TL

Concentrated Oil-Serum Thanks to Jojoba Oil, Macadamia Seed Oil and Meadow Foam Seed oil, it helps to maintain the moisture stability of the skin, while supporting skin tightening and strengthening elasticity. More than 70% of users state that the serum is satisfied with its firming performance in the targeted area.** – Pure Beauty Youth Restore Concentrated Oil-Serum:119.90 TL

*According to the results of the panel test performed on more than 40 people
**Based on the results of the panel test on 60 people