20 toothache sufferers here! No more toothaches!

These teeth, which are called 20 teeth due to their eruption in the 20s, are the 8th row teeth located in the back of the mouth and both in the lower and upper jaws. These teeth, which mostly come out by leaning against the side tooth, not from the top or bottom, do not need to be extracted if they do not cause any problems. Even if it does not cause a random difficulty, wisdom teeth may need to be extracted for the health and proper alignment of other teeth.

Why do wisdom teeth hurt?

There are various reasons. Wisdom teeth, which are very painful both when they erupt and when they decay, are at the back of the mouth. In some people, they appear at the age of twenties, in others, they may appear later. Since there is no empty space in the chin, it grows on the palate in the form of a side curve and causes a painful process. The teeth tighten and make room for the wisdom teeth, and the headache that occurs during this time is especially felt late at night.

How to cure 20 toothache?

  • Ice can be applied to the aching area.
  • Hot water compress and rinsing the hot water in the mouth also relieves the pain.
  • Crushing garlic and rubbing it on the aching tooth is also a test.
  • Cucumbers can be rubbed with salt and put on the teeth.
  • You can gargle with oxygenated water diluted with water.
  • Vanilla, almond, mint and lemon extracts can be applied to the teeth with a cotton swab and used as a tampon.
  • Tea tree oil can be dripped onto a cotton ball and applied to the tooth, or you can gargle with tea tree oil dripped into warm water.
  • Baking soda can be added to a measure of warm water and gargled, or it can be soaked in wet cotton and applied to the tooth.
  • Powdered ginger and red powdered hot pepper are made into a paste with a drop of water and applied to the aching tooth. This cure is also good for sore throat at the same time.
  • Black cumin is also sufficient for toothache.
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