At what stage of pregnancy can dental treatment be done?

During pregnancy, many changes occur in oral and dental health. Therefore, it is more valuable to protect the health of the mouth and teeth. Dentist Mahmut Genç gave information about oral health protection systems during pregnancy and when you can have oral and dental treatments during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, which is the most special time for women, many changes occur in the body. In addition to hormonal and physical changes, psychological changes take place during this period. These changes have different effects on the body. We also feel the effects of these changes around the mouth and teeth.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy and changes in saliva secretion cause differences in oral flora. With dry mouth, dental caries occur rapidly and go up to tooth loss. Due to hormonal changes, infections develop in the gum area. Excessive vomiting and nausea cause loss of tooth hard tissues and erosions.

In order to protect our oral and dental health during pregnancy, it is necessary to increase the care more than usual times and to prevent the formation of caries and infections.

What can be done to protect the health of the mouth and teeth during pregnancy

  • Increasing our tooth brushing frequency is the first option. In individuals who develop nausea with toothpaste, odorless toothpaste or no paste-free tooth brushing process can be done.
  • The places that we cannot brush with mouthwashes and dental floss should be cleaned and caries formation should be prevented.

During which period of pregnancy can you have dental care?
All processes that require treatment can also be performed during pregnancy. Because waiting for pregnancy to pass can cause tooth loss.

  • The second trimester is the most faithful time for dental treatments.
  • In the middle of the 3rd and 6th months, all dental treatments can be done with confidence. This period is a time of faith for mother and baby.
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