What Causes PLT Height, What Are Its Symptoms? Treatment

What causes PLT elevation and what its symptoms are

While stands out as the topics that are very curious by people who have problems in this direction, it should not be forgotten that platelet height, whose original name is “Trambocyte Platelet”, is a detail that should not be neglected. Under normal conditions, platelets stored in the spleen are then destroyed by the spleen and liver.

What is PLT, What Does It Do?

Thrombocytes, which are small blood cell particles and help blood clotting, are called “Platelet” or PLT. In other words, it can be mentioned that they function as a defense mechanism to prevent blood loss. PLT test high means the presence of platelets above the normal number in the blood, normal PLT values

For , it is possible to mention the limit of 400,000 (between 150,000 and 400,000) per microliter of blood. Although the presence of more than 400 thousand platelets in the blood causes thrombocytosis, a complete blood count is required to determine the platelet amount.

Reasons for High Platelet Levels

Causes of platelet elevation, which can be divided into two medically;

  • Primary thrombocythemia
  • It is called secondary thrombocytosis.

Primary thrombocythemia is a condition in which the cause of high platelet cannot be determined exactly. Besides primary thrombocythemia, also called an independent condition secondary thrombocytosis status

For , symptoms such as infection, bruising, fainting, chest pain and heart attack, temporary visual disturbances, anemia, vitamin and iron deficiency, skin burns, blood loss, acute bleeding and cancer can be seen, while each of these symptoms can also be PLT on its own. Height may also be the cause.

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How to Treat PLT Height?

PLT so platelet The decision and treatment authority for the height is internal medicine doctors. Internal medicine physicians will first determine the cause of PLT elevation and will give up the treatment of PLT elevation by eliminating this cause.

  • Drugs that reduce platelet levels such as Busulfan and Hydroxy Carbamide
  • Blood thinners such as warfarin and aspirin that lower blood viscosity
  • Plateletpheresis method also,

is another method followed in PLT treatment.