Herbal Treatment of Atherosclerosis, Natural Remedy

Herbal Treatment of Atherosclerosis, Natural Remedy

One of the natural solutions used for atherosclerosis some of them are:

  • Quitting malnutrition: Nutrition atherosclerosis is a factor that directly affects it. Ready-made products such as hamburgers, french fries, chips, and fatty foods such as kebab cause atherosclerosis. By taking care not to eat at night without missing meals during the day, the person can prevent vascular occlusion with proper nutrition.
  • Consuming fibrous foods: It is important to consume foods containing high fiber content such as whole grains, oatmeal, beans.
  • Omega 3: Foods such as salmon, tuna, flaxseed oxidation of cholesterol should be consumed because it blocks it.
  • Vitamin E: Foods such as sunflower seeds should be consumed as they reduce the inflammation of the vessel walls.

What is Vascular Occlusion?

in veins blood flow oil accumulation and cholesterol increase, vascular occlusion occurs. It is a dangerous disease because it causes oxygen deprivation to organs such as the brain, heart, arms and legs.

Herbal Treatment of Atherosclerosis, Natural Remedy

What Causes Vascular Occlusion?

Some of the causes of atherosclerosis are:

  • Having high bad cholesterol called LDL and low good cholesterol called HDL at the same time
  • diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Old age
  • Genetic factors
  • Irregular diet
  • Smoking
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