As summer approaches, it is in your hands to protect your hair from negative rules such as heat, sun and too much chlorine with the wrong work. It summarizes what is needed in 4 points.

Studies conducted in Turkey reveal that women define high heat as the primary cause when they believe that their hair is damaged. Considering the variety of hair types, products with different characteristics are needed, even for drying. Wrong product selection can cause irreversible damage to the hair. Hair care device brand Remington offers solutions suitable for different hair types with hundreds of products equipped with new generation technologies. Dryers that care for the hair during drying or that can adjust the heat according to the type of hair are in the middle of the latest trends…

Compared to Remington, there are many things we should pay attention to when buying and using hair dryers, which are used more frequently especially in summer. Here are 4 valuable points for correct hair drying…

Whether you’re battling frizz or need a regular hair treatment or hair color maintenance; Make sure that the product you use is designed with the wattage suitable for your hair type, not the highest.

Be sure to choose devices with different speed and temperature settings. Since each hair type is different from each other, using the temperature and speed settings at different levels suitable for your hair type will allow you to dry in a healthy way.

When buying, it is necessary to pay attention not to the color or elegance of the machine, but to the ergonomics of use.


And here are the most valuable new generation technologies used in hair dryers. Along with the developing technology, these machines now have numerous useful features. However, the most valuable of these are the technologies that protect the hair against wear and tear during drying and even care for the hair at the same time. For example, thanks to the Keratin Protect technology specially developed by Remington to protect the hair from the negative effects of the dryer, it is possible to achieve 3 times more active defense. The one-to-one technology prevents the hair from fluffing with 90% more ions and ensures a smoother and more systematic appearance. Keratin and almond oil in the body of the machine is transferred to the hair during drying and care is also performed. Remington Color Protect, on the other hand, has a unique color protection technology with its ceramic grid integrated with color-protecting micro-conditioner. Remington Hydraluxe Pro, on the other hand, which opened a new era in technology, has hydracare sensor technology that can adjust the temperature according to the hair during drying. Moreover, with the bronze award it won in the category of the best new electrical works at the 20th Pure Beauty Awards held in London in 2021, it won the appreciation of consumers with its technology and design that surpassed the competition.