When you choose a view of cuteness from history, you will most likely realize that it is a broad reflection of the culture it is in. The view that reflects the mood of this era we are in is Chanel’s Cruise 2021/2022 show. So the new contemporary generation is not its unattainable splendor; It represents rebelliousness, naturalness and sensitivity that is not shown to anyone…

Opposite the limestone of Carrières de Lumières in Les Baux-de-Provence, Virginie Viard’s angelic and rebellious mishap is Chanel’s Cruise 2021/2022 show. .

Nice details prepared by Chanel’s Creative Makeup and Color Designer Lucia Pica are the signature supporting the collection. Leaving the matte lips of the past collections, Cruise show has glossed the lips in its new collection. Details perfectly satisfy our wish for pleasantness; Being noticed with fresh and luminous skin, bold eyes and natural but bright lips…

While the clothes do not depart from the black and white palette created by Chanel Creative Manager Virginie Viard, inspired by Jean Cocteau’s 1960 film “Testament of Orpheus”, color plays are freely included in the make-up details. By softening the black and framed eyes with pink touches, an understated and elegant feminine attitude is displayed.

The Chanel girls walked on the white limestone with eyes covered in heavy black and lips that were bright but clad in a bare shimmer. This complemented the two main colors of the collection, black and white. In keeping with the strong contrasts of the collection, her make-up looks were lively yet manly; bright pink, fresh nude and heavy black…


The Chanel Cruise 2021/2022 show makeover reflects the contemporary side of ’60s punk. The Chanel girls were given a contemporary and rock-inspired make-up look. The drama of double-winged eyeliner and cat eyes is enlivened by flushed and moist cheeks; the lips are nude, but with a fresh look, they provide harmony to the whole.

As for the details of Makeup Artist Lucia Pica’s stunning Chanel Cruise look… Lucia Pica shows her art in all its glory on the eyes. By framing it with black lines, he emphasized the eyes in a striking form. The lines extend in pairs, the lower truth scattering, nodding to the grunge influence of the 90s. The lashes are black, deep, long and voluminous… Extra volume is given to the lashes with mascara. A bold cat-eye effect was created on the eyes, with the density heavily lining the upper and lower eyelashes.

The skin is moisturized and prepared for make-up, delicately colored with foundation. The foundation, which gives a silky appearance to the skin, fell on the skin as a shiny cover and a fresh appearance emerged.

With a reference to the measured and natural redness; cheeks are given an effect with dramatic pink touches. Using shades of pink on the eyes, the dramatic color play is balanced.

The bare skin was put to an end; moist and shiny lips… While preserving their naturalness with just a balm, they are sometimes emphasized with light touches of color; however, care was taken to avoid exaggeration. Signed with a remarkable detail; Lip ring with Chanel logo…

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As for the hair… Hairdresser Damien Boissinot’s hair was invited to a different experiment, as in make-up. Curled waves are given a pristine look, natural hair is celebrated rather than terminated and replaced. The fringes were left alone and naturalness gained its freedom. The well-groomed and flamboyant looks that we always see in the Chanel Cruise show are replaced by the natural appearances of a rebellious teenager.