A few years ago, the idea of ​​rubbing acid on your face might have sounded like a nightmare to you. These days, we are very knowledgeable about the benefits of skin care acids. You can add powerful new acids to your daily routine to get a clearer, brighter and smoother skin. The trick is to choose the true acid to meet your skin’s specific needs.

While we’ve mainly praised the benefits of adding different acids to your beauty routine, there is a lesser-known acid like mandelic acid. We can also call mandelic acid the skincare hero!

Read on to find out how mandelic acid sets it apart from other acids, why it’s a complete choice for all skin concerns and skin tones, and what your favorite products are formulated with it.

What exactly is mandelic acid?
Mandelic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) derived from bitter almonds. The well-studied acid is aptly named even after the German word for almond: mandel.

Amid other AHAs such as glycolic and lactic acids, mandelic acid also has one of the largest particle sizes, allowing it to be absorbed into the skin more “slowly, evenly and superficially”. In addition, it stays on the surface of the skin for a longer time.

As a result, mandelic acid is less likely to cause irritation, even for those with sensitive skin and deeper skin tones. (Be sure to test on a small area before trying on a full face.)

Experts state that mandelic acid is one of the best acid choices for those with darker skin, as it is not melanotoxic. In other words, it does not kill melanocytes and does not exacerbate the discoloration. Instead, it will actually reduce the appearance of dark spots from acne, sun exposure or other causes. Mandelic acid peels are well tolerated in patients of color who have less risk of hyperpigmentation, photosensitivity and scarring compared to other AHAs such as glycolic acid.

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Despite its larger particle size, mandelic acid goes deeper than other AHAs because it is oil-soluble. Glycolic and lactic acids, on the other hand, are water-soluble, so they only work in the upper layers of the skin.

How does mandelic acid benefit the skin?
The powerful antibacterial properties of mandelic acid come together with its gentle exfoliating, cell cycle activating abilities; It comes to a center to beat acne, dull skin, unsystematic texture, hyperpigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles. It also increases collagen production. After about one to three weeks of use, you may notice that mandelic acid makes your skin smoother, brighter, plumper and clearer.

Mandelic acid absorbs acne-causing bacteria and oil that clogs your pores, and absorbs dead, discolored skin cells on your skin’s surface. It leaves your skin tone more pure and radiant than ever before.

A valuable disadvantage of mandelic acid is that you cannot apply it to your face at the same time as retinol. When both of these components are used at the same time, they break the skin barrier. So both can cause redness, sensitivity and very dryness when on your skin. Avoid these problems by changing the days you apply them into your nighttime skin care routine. Also, if you are allergic to almonds, it would be best to avoid mandelic acid.

What are the best mandelic acid artifacts?
Before diving into mandelic acid (or any of its acidic relatives), we recommend that you take time for basic skin defense in the form of moisturizer and SPF first. Afterwards, you can add one of the many mandelic works to your skincare routine. If your skin’s basic needs are met, you are less likely to experience irritation and flaking.

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You might think that mandelic acid is one of the most suitable acids for newcomers to the world of AHAs, BHAs and PHAs. Because he does everything for everyone! We have listed the mandelic acid works for you.

Mandelic Acid + Superfood Exfoliant
32 pounds

Mandelic Acid and Rice Bran Serum

Mandelic Acid 5% Preparation Water 120 ml

Mandelic Acid 10% + Ha 30 ml
122 TL

Mandelic Acid Brightening Serum 30 ml
39.90 TL

Charcoal and Mandelic Acid Tonic 100 ml
139,90 TL

Mandelic Pigmentation Correcting Night Serum
1,393 TL

Mandelik Cleaning Gel
459 TL

5% Mandelic Fluid
249 TL