Around the Mouth Line and Wrinkle Treatment

Treatment ways for lines and wrinkles around the mouth. wrinkles After a certain age, it deepens and becomes visible. Wrinkles around the mouth

Massage also has a great value in keeping the facial muscles strong and vigorous.

* In order to eliminate the vertical lines caused by the relaxation of the muscles in the middle of the eyebrow and at the root of the nose, the right and left palms are turned towards the face, the fingertips of both hands are brought together in the middle of the two eyebrows with the rule of not using the thumb. While the skin is rubbed by pressing the hands strongly, the real is drawn to the temples. The same movement should be repeated for five minutes.

* To eliminate the horizontal lines on the forehead, the right thumb rests on the right temple and the left thumb rests on the left temple. Then, the other four fingers of the two hands are moved smoothly, in the middle of the hairline on the eyebrows and forehead, and from the middle of the forehead to the temples, with the fingers neatly adjacent to each other, and gently stroked from the middle of the forehead to the temples, with real zigzag movements from top to bottom. The duration of this movement should also be five minutes.

* Each forehead line is rubbed from the middle of the forehead to the temple with the index finger one by one.
* All these massages, before going to bed at night and after the skin is creamed, one after the other, are beneficial in terms of eliminating the lines.

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Lines and wrinkles caused by the fall and weakening of the cheek muscles can be removed by a massage.

* Real, very light patting movements are made with the four fingers of both hands, starting from the nose, from the upper part of the cheek to the temples. It should be rubbed with the opposite side of the hands, starting from under the chin and under the eyes. Both movements should continue for at least one minute. Other than that, it is very useful to strike light blows with the fingertips, starting from the bottom of the chin again, and to bring these blows to the temple by moving these blows on the cheeks. Keeping the one-to-one part in the middle of the thumb and forefinger, slightly pinching gives positive results. This should also take a minute.
*Another movement that is beneficial for the facial muscles, although it is a bit tiring, is as follows: After properly creaming the cheeks, the mouth is inflated with air. In this way, light blows are struck on the stretched cheek skin by combining the fingertips. This movement should last two minutes.

There are also massages to be done to eliminate the wrinkles caused by the relaxation of the muscles around the mouth. For this,

* The upper and lower creases of the lips are gently stroked with four fingers from right to left and left to right, with the rule of not using the thumb. It is useful to continue these movements for one and a half minutes.

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* For wrinkles that occur due to the relaxation of the muscles of the lower jaw, after the arms are raised to the level of the shoulders and the elbows are brought to a level with the shoulders, it is sufficient to gently tap under the chin with the middle fingers of both hands, opposite to the index fingers, as if playing a snare drum. This massage should be continued for one minute a day.

* Massage by stroking with both hands under the chin, starting from the point where the chest ends, is very beneficial for the muscles that relax in length. In addition, the left part of its length with the right hand and the right part with the left hand should be slightly pinched and this movement should continue for approximately two minutes.
However, in order to get the desired result from these movements, it should be continued for a long time, once every day.


*Under-eye wrinkles, neck borders, forehead lines and nose to mouth borders make women look older than they are. However, the lines on the face, especially on the cheeks, do not make the face ugly.

* A healthy border system will keep the facial muscles strong for a long time. It is customary that this is obvious, a knowledgeable face and skin care should not be neglected.

You shouldn’t feel sorry for the character lines. When a lady looks in the mirror, she should pay attention not to how old she is, but how young she is. Because morale is closely related to beauty. Disrupting the border system of morale will undoubtedly affect the facial muscles as well.

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