Skin care routine is more enjoyable with The Cleansing Collection

Chanel , with its new skin care collection, offers products for every skin type and demand. Whether cleansing milk or cream foam; Chanel ‘The Cleansing Collection’ seems about to take the most pleasant place in your bathroom.

L’Huile with its formula that transforms from oil to milk; Le Lait Doucheur D’Huile, with its formula that turns from milk to fat, is especially for those who prefer Chanel since they were young… Those who cannot give up on classic cleansing milks Le Laitcan step into Chanel with its product.

Skin care routine is more enjoyable with The Cleansing CollectionIn Chanel’s ‘The Cleansing Collection’ skin cleansing options not only with these. Le Lait Fraicheur D’Eau, with a light texture that transforms from cream to water, does not like to feel scale on the face, especially after using cleansing products; appeals to those who love fresh rituals.

Chanel’s new cleansing collection The last option is Le Mousse. For those who feel that their face is cleaned, but when it foams up, this cream foam work is perfect to get rid of the tiredness of the whole day and the dirt of the city before going to bed!

Of course, the indispensable tonic after every cleansing routine is not forgotten. Chanel, Le Toniquecompletes the skin care family with

Able to solve with long-term or waterproof works; does not destabilize your skin; With this new collection of Chanel designed for face, eye and lip make-up, your skin care routine will no longer skip any night; You will fall asleep with a fresh and super scent.