6 bad habits that impair skin quality

Every day, aesthetic fears, the desire to look nice, the desire to hide the signs of aging and look younger continue to increase. However, there are some mistakes made about the skin that bring problems with it. Dermatology Specialist Dr. Ata Nejat Ertek gave information about the subject.

Dermatology Specialist Dr. Ata Nejat Ertek listed for readers 6 faulty habits that are increasingly deteriorating our skin quality, from starting to use the product without testing it, to consuming too much sugar.

1. To use the work you will buy without testing it

The biggest side effect of skin care products and make-up materials is allergic reactions. It is useful to take a test product and use it before buying a product. Especially those with sensitive skin should make this a rule. Because if you buy a test product and use it, you will also test whether it causes an allergic reaction on your skin.

2. Going to bed without removing your makeup

Make-up should not stay on the face for a long time. Make-up should not be applied repeatedly and to a great extent during the day. The face should be cleaned, especially before going to bed. Moisturizer should be applied to cleansed skin. In addition, when applying make-up, the skin should be cleaned first, followed by applying a moisturizer, waiting for the skin to absorb the moisturizer, and then starting to apply make-up.

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What happens if the make-up is not removed?

  • When you sleep with make-up on your face, the pores on your skin become clogged.
  • The sebum, which is formed on your skin and used by your skin to remove the dirt, cannot come out because your pores are clogged.
  • If the sebum cannot be expelled, the formation of acne on your skin increases.
  • Skin that is not cleaned well becomes prone to aging quickly.
  • May cause irritation to eyes.
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3. Squeezing pimples

When you squeeze your pimple, whatever is blocking the pore comes out, but most of it stays inside, under the skin. However, for some reason, squeezing your acne every time comes as the most appropriate solution for an unseemly distress.

4. Not paying attention to sleep order

Sleep disturbance is also a factor that affects your overall stability. Going to bed late and being sleep deprived adversely affect your skin as well as your other organs. Sleep disorder causes your skin to look worn rather than serene. In order to repair your body, you definitely need to pay attention to your sleep pattern.

regular and adequate sleep skin beauty and is very valuable for health. Because the skin renews itself during sleep and rests. In addition, the way of lying down is valuable for the pleasantness of our skin. The ideal is to sleep on your back. In this way, our skin is not irritated as we do not rub our face against the pillow.

5. Consuming a lot of coffee

Consuming more than 2-3 cups of coffee per day can increase the level of cortisol available in the body. High cortisol (stress hormone) increases the rate of aging and wears the skin again quickly. In addition, coffee acts on the diuretic side. For this reason, it causes the body to become dehydrated. When the body is dehydrated, it causes dryness and lifelessness in the skin. In this case, dry skin facilitates the formation of wrinkles.

6. Consuming a lot of sugar

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Sugar is also a food that is among the enemies of the skin. In order for the skin to have a brighter and healthier structure, care should be taken to always keep the sugar level in the blood under control. While sugar weakens the immune system, it can suppress the production of antibodies that fight bacteria. Weakened immune system can cause blemishes, acne and acne on the skin. Again, sugary drinks can cause the skin to dry out. Therefore, meeting the skin’s fluid need with water will be the best option.