If your hair is dry, fluffy and damaged, you may think that you have two options: conditioners that require an extra 10 minutes in the shower, or dry hair care products that cause a mess in your bathroom. But there is a third option: hair care masks! These care masks, which you can leave on your hair overnight, apply all the repair and moisturizing while you sleep. The masks, which apply a complete care from the roots to the ends of the hair, cause incredible changes in a few hours.

Care masks, which have very heavy ingredients, can be much more effective than creams and dry oils. Pressure masks, specially formulated for different hair types, target many hair complaints. The care masks, which strive against environmental factors such as sun and seasonal changes, as well as factors such as heat and blow-drying, care not only for the ends of the hair, but also for the scalp. Care masks that activate hair cells make your hair grow stronger and healthier.

To realize your dream of having shiny and full hair, you can examine the hair masks we have chosen for you in the photo gallery.


Aromachology Repair Mask, 290 TL L’OCCITANE

This mask, which is formulated for dry and damaged hair in need of intense repair, gives strength and shine to your hair after regular application. This hair mask, containing ylang-ylang, sweet orange, lavender, geranium, angelica, shea butter and sweet almond, strengthens the protective effect while caring for your hair.

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Game Changer Hair Mask, 279 TL WE ARE PARADOXX

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This mask, which draws attention with its natural ingredients, repairs your hair by making deep care. Formulated for very damaged hair, this mask contains argan oil, coconut oil and Vitamin E.

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Botanical Repair Repair Mask for Damaged Hair, 639 TL AVEDA

Taking advantage of the power of plants, this care mask instantly strengthens the hair. This mask, which provides healthier, soft, smooth and shiny hair even after the first use, contains ylang-ylang, rose and marjoram extracts.

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Sakura Age Defense Hair Mask, 58 TL THALIA

This hair mask with Sakura extract is formulated for damaged hair. This mask, which nourishes and repairs your hair with its natural ingredients, allows you to have brighter and fuller hair.

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Soin Regenerant Hair Care Mask, 799 TL SISLEY

This hair care mask, which contains four vegetable oils, revitalizes and cares for your hair. Drawing attention with plant extracts, proteins, vitamins and minerals, this mask repairs and beautifies lifeless hair from root to tip.

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Banana Hair Mask, 149.90 TL THE BODY SHOP

Get shiny, healthy and vibrant looking hair with this heavily moisturizing and totally vegan hair mask containing mashed banana from bananas grown in Ecuador and brazil nut oil and cupuaçu from Peru. This product, which nourishes your hair while deeply moisturizing, gives you a fuller look.

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Unicorn Locks Repairing Hair Mask, 319 TL TRULY

Designed to repair damaged hair and promote growth, this hair mask deeply moisturizes the hair follicles. Containing keratin and highly moisturizing amino acids, this mask activates hair cells while repairing damaged strands. Containing avocado, shea butter and pure olive oil, this mask offers heavy care.


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Hair Care Mask, 324 TL OUAI HAIRCARE

This mask, which cares for your damaged hair, provides a shiny and soft appearance. You can leave this mask with tamarind seed extract and amino acids on your hair overnight.

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Repairing Hair Mask for Damaged Hair, 49.92 TL YVES ROCHER

This restorative mask, which restores your damaged hair to its former health and shine, rewinds the effects of the processes and external factors that your hair sees. Containing organic jojoba and agave extracts, this hair mask strengthens the moisture transmission of your hair strands while simultaneously applying a root-to-end care.

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Full Repair Hair Care Mask, 79.50 TL JOHN FRIEDA

This hair mask, formulated for hair that has been processed by blow drying and heat, prevents weak hair from breaking and removes the appearance of damaged hair. With this hair mask that provides deep moisture, you can have silky and lively hair.

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Olive Fruit Oil Repairing Hair Mask, 295 TL KIEHL’S

Formulated for dehydrated, worn and damaged hair, this hair mask contains avocado oil, lemon extract and olive fruit oil. This mask, which gives a healthy appearance to the hair, strengthens your hair strands while applying deep moisturizing.

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Argan Oil Hair Care Mask, 149.90 TL AROMATICA

This hair mask, which nourishes the hair thanks to the herbal oils in its content, provides you with a soft and healthy appearance. Formulated with argan, cod and babassu oils, this hair mask provides heavy conditioning to damaged and broken hair.

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Intensive Care Hair Mask, $186 GARAGE ORGANICS

This mask, which draws attention with its herbal formula suitable for all hair types, repairs dried and processed hair from tip to root. Formulated with laurel, folic acid, ylang-ylang, sunflower oil, Vitamins A, B, C, E-Vitamins and much more, this mask provides a complete care to your hair.

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Perfect Hair Day Light Mask, £33 LIVING PROOF

Formulated by beauticians and scientists, this mask takes your hair health to the next level. This mask, which provides shine and volume, prevents breakage and wear and gives your hair a lively look.

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Dont Despair Repair Hair Mask, 129 TL BRIOGEO

This mask contains a blend of vitamin B5 and biotin to help restore essential hydration and strengthen hair to protect it from damage. In addition, this mask, which strengthens the repair with its keratin content, refreshes your hair from root to tip.

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