When something good or bad happens in our life, we want to change our image. Sometimes a haircut, sometimes a hairstyle, sometimes new clothes… But it’s usually about our hair! Demi Lovato is exactly at this point. Demi Lovato, who has been attracting attention with her hair on her shoulder for a while, surprised her fans with her short pixie hair. Sharing her pixie haircut on Instagram in November 2020, Lovato said her new style is ‘liberating’. Lovato, who said she needed this change after her eating disorder struggle, substance addiction, beautification process, engagement and separation, shared all her feelings on Ellen DeGeneres’ program.

Lovato, who was a guest on DeGeneres’ show on February 23, said that the dramatic part she dyed in pink tones ‘makes her feel like herself’. “I had my hair cut in November and now I feel very free. I feel more authentic and unique. I think I used to hide behind my hair before,” Lovato added.

Lovato added that the pixie cut helped her reveal her self-confidence. I thought. I feel just right now,” he said.

Lovato’s hair stylist said that this episode made Lovato feel more comfortable. “This cut is a reflection of Demi’s feelings and herself,” says Amber Maynard Bolt. he added.

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