The 4 most popular aesthetic applications of the last period


From now on, I will be with you every month with my articles that include what you wonder about aesthetics and pleasantness. In my first article, I will explain what the aesthetic trends of 2020 will be and the application areas of these operations. Please share with me what you want to know about aesthetics and pleasantness. I would like to answer all your questions by covering these issues in my next articles.

Let’s examine together the 4 aesthetic applications that will be recognized in 2020.

The year 2020 is the year of non-surgical change with aesthetic touches that offer a natural look in aesthetics! With the development in technology, although aesthetic trends change every year, the desire to have a young, vibrant and glowing skin and a body that defies years never changes.

The aesthetic trends of the year began to take shape with technological developments and non-surgical applications that responded to these requests more quickly and easily. So what’s in the 2020 trends?

Endoliph laser network application, providing regeneration from the “root” stem cell therapyThe hip and breast enlargement processes with one’s own fat will be among the most preferred applications. liposuctionAs a different surgical application from all these applications, it will maintain its priority place in the list again as it is every year.

Stem cell therapy will take first place

In the midst of 2020’s aesthetic trends, stem cell therapy comes first. In the midst of today’s aesthetic trends, operations that do not require rest for a long time and do not cause pain and swelling come to the fore. Stem cell therapy, on the other hand, has a very different position in the middle of these operations. Because the stem cell, which creates miracles in the medical world, creates a regeneration movement from the “root” in aesthetics.

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What does stem cell therapy do?

Rejuvenation of the face, neck, hands, kneecaps, treatment of scars and burns, breast augmentation, hip lift, and plumping processes with stem cell therapy maximizes permanence. Moreover, in a single session, with a process lasting approximately 1-1.5 hours, we can achieve a lasting effect without allergy, rejection or foreign issue reaction. Because the stem cells we receive turn into cells in the injected area, become active quickly, and become the leading actor of a rapid change.

Applications that compete with time stand out

Another rising trend is endolift laser net will be the application. With this application, it is possible to get rid of sagging in the face, chin, neck areas and bags under custody without the need for a surgical operation!

How long does an Endolift laser mesh session take?

With a session lasting only 45 minutes with the application; We can get instant results in face shaping, tightening the neck lines, clarifying the jaw line, melting the jowl and eliminating cigarette lines. Individuals can continue their lives from the competition with problems such as scars, bruising and swelling.
Prostheses are now replaced by fat injections

In 2020, more fat injections will replace the prostheses that have been used in breast and butt augmentation processes in recent years and pose significant health risks.

Breast and butt augmentation operations, which we perform by injecting the fat tissues taken from the person’s body, do not carry the risk of an allergic reaction, as they do not contain a foreign element. By supporting the applications with oil injections enriched with stem cells, we can achieve a 70 percent faster and lasting effect. After a few days of rest after the application, individuals can continue their lives from where they left off.
Liposuction against regional lubrication is always among the favorites.

It is an application that alone responds to regional lubrication problems. liposuction , is always in the middle of favorites and will remain just as popular in 2020. But it is worth remembering that this system is not a method of losing weight, it is a process of getting rid of excess fat that cannot be eliminated with sports and diet!


For what purposes can liposuction be used?

With this formula, we can eliminate stubborn fat, especially in the abdomen, waist, inner thighs, hips, knees, arms and back areas. For this, first of all, we need to wait for the person to get rid of excess fat and maintain the weight he has reached for a long time. On the other hand, if it is not possible to get rid of the disturbing regional fats, liposuction offers a definitive solution to this issue. The biggest advantage of this application is that if weight is gained with the rule of having less measurements in the following periods, there is no lubrication in the area where the application is made.
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