Restorative Hair Care Oil, the most preferred hair care product of Misbahce, is now stronger with the effect of Gum Drops obtained by bioengineering added to its formula and pure essential oils that care for the problem!

Damla Gum active provides a keratin basis to the hair follicles and strengthens the thinned hair, while providing care to help it grow faster. This oil, which provides protein support to the hair, helps it to gain a brighter and nourished appearance from root to tip.

Its formula, which creates a powerful combination with oils that naturally contain vitamins A, B, D and E, brings shine, moisture, volume and softness to the hair. Argan, Separated Coconut, Olive Oil, Shea and Sweet Almond Oil, which form the basis of its formula, form a protective layer against the damage caused by environmental factors and free radicals. On the contrary, it transforms the dry and dehydrated appearance and regains its moisture, giving it a voluminous and healthy appearance. Thanks to the vitamins and beneficial fatty acids naturally contained in the oils, it helps to prevent hair breakage and gives it a silky softness.

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