How to solve sleep problem during teething period?

While babies experience sleep regression caused by their physical development to turn, crawl, stand up, and walk, frequent awakenings can be seen during the teething period. Teething period is a process that makes the baby restless and uncomfortable for a period of time, affecting both daytime and nighttime sleep of the baby. Sleep Consultants Sedef Fenik and Selen Üçokgives information about how to protect the sleep system in this period.

During teething period in babies Symptoms such as increased salivation, mild fever, crying-restlessness, mild rash around the mouth, biting hands, sleep disturbance, and loss of appetite can be seen. After the tooth erupts, the baby’s restlessness passes and their sleep continues as before.

Selen Üçok and Sedef FenikHe states that parents can be given dental gels recommended by your doctor, not forgetting that babies will experience this process painfully.

Emphasizing that calming the baby before sleep is very valuable, Fenik and Üçok “In this period when your baby is restless, you should help him calm down before going to sleep. Instead of resorting to other formulas to put him to sleep every time he wakes up, you should help your baby calm himself down and make him fall asleep again in his own bed. Otherwise, he may get used to different supplements and his sleep system it can spoil nicely.” says.

At the same time, he emphasized that it is wrong to attribute every sleep problem to teething. Selen Üçok and Sedef Fenik , “If the baby does not have a sleeping pattern and you should not delay establishing a regularity because of the permanent teeth. Even if you have started sleep training and your baby is teething in the process, you must continue with consistency, determination and patience.” format it states.

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