Makeup tips for rainy days

On rainy days, make-up creates a sticky view on the skin with the effect of high humidity. The foundation used does not stay as you want, the mascara flows and all your eye makeup is spoiled. In order to prevent this situation, there are some things you need to know while wearing make-up on rainy days.

Makeup Tips for Rainy Days

You need to create a hydration shield that will protect your skin. Do not use heavy-duty moisturizers. You can choose water-based products that will not disturb the skin.

The use of make-up is also extremely valuable on rainy days. It allows the make-up to be fixed on your skin. In this way, your skin will not vomit the make-up.

Do not use heavily textured binding artifacts. Your skin may want to ditch the foundation. You can choose lightweight BB and CC creams.

You should avoid exaggeration in eye makeup. Especially if you are going out, the rain coming into your eyes can cause all your eye makeup to deteriorate.

You should make sure that the eye makeup products you use are water-proof.

Make sure that the powder and eye shadows you use are cream products. Powder artifacts stick to your skin and create an unpopular image.