We found a way to add a difference to your daily care routine! Facial cleansing devices or massage tools that you can use for smoother and tighter skin will add color to your life. Inspired by lymphatic facial massage, these works reduce puffiness, pore appearance and blemishes on your face. Making use of technology or natural stones, these works represent the future of pleasure!

While the popularity of natural stone massage tools, which have become a trend in the past months, continues, we see that technology also comes to the fore. Inspired by the Gua Sha rituals of China, massage tools with natural stones reduce the tension in your facial muscles and provide you with a more energetic skin. You can see these works that benefit from the miracles of nature as ‘natural technologies’.

Technological products are a glutton of skin care tools! We see the anti-aging feature in the middle of the trends where LED light technology or sonic cleaners come to the fore. These works, which increase collagen production and renew cells with heat and light technology, are suitable for the digital age we are in! Whether technological or natural… You can examine the skin care tools that will make a difference to your classic routine below…

Rose Quartz Face Roller, 198 TL PELCARE

This skin care tool, which removes puffiness on your face thanks to lymphatic facial massage, allows you to achieve a younger and more vibrant skin.

Luna 2, $1,299 FOREO

Designed for sensitive skin, Luna 2 can be personalized with an anti-aging massage. This work, which slows down the effects of aging with T-Sonic technology, is also effective in removing the spots on your face.


Massage Stone, 219 TL GÜLSHA

Inspired by the Chinese Gua Sha ritual, this massage stone helps relieve edema with pink quartz. You can apply this product, which relieves tension and fatigue on the face, by gently massaging your skin.

Jade Roller, £26 YU LING ROLLERS

Jade rollers, which reduce redness and swelling by accelerating blood circulation on your face, make your skin look more lively and youthful.

Crystal Quartz Facial Massage Roller, 195 TL THE SIM CO.

This massage tool, which reduces the tension in the facial muscles, reduces the appearance of puffiness, lines and pores on your skin. Adorned with a powerful detox crystal, this tool also helps to remove toxins from the skin.

Cellreturn Led Wireless Mask, €1,523.38 ANGELA CAGLIA

Using infrared LED technology, this device supports collagen production with 700 colored light. This work, which removes skin blemishes and tone inequalities, gives your skin a youthful and vigorous appearance.

Double Headed Massager, 139.93 TL THE BODY SHOP

This fairy tale tool, which helps in the recovery of the skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, while giving your skin an energetic and luminous appearance.

TriAngle Face Massager, 1,018.67 TL NURSE JAMIE

This facial table device using sonic technology leaves your skin youthful glow and firmness. You can use this device, which works with heat technology, with your moisturizers or facial oils.

Roles, 2,775 TL ENVIRON

This massage tool, coated with 14-karat gold, beautifies the general appearance and structure of the skin. This product, which reduces the appearance of fine lines and blemishes, can be used on the face and around the eyes, nose and lips.

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GloPRO Rose Gold Microneedling Device, $1,679.90 BEAUTYBIO

This device, which has anti-aging feature, works with red light LED therapy. This product, which uses microneedling technology, is beneficial in the production of cells on your face, while providing you with a younger, tighter and brighter skin.