Pre-wedding skin care tips

Pre-wedding skin care tips

Our goal is to reach the most suitable looking skin as soon as possible. First of all, let’s warn; When it comes to quality skin and looking fit, there is something much more valuable than the works we will use: Night sleep. According to experts, eight hours of uninterrupted sleep is much more important than you think for your health and ordinary beauty! While your skin renews itself throughout the night, how about supporting it with real applications and benefiting from the power of night sleep? Yes, dear brides-to-be, if we are ready, we start step by step.

Pre-wedding skin care tips

Go to bed with pure skin

This is actually the easiest, most well-known, but most valuable step. We all know the value of this in theory, but let’s see how we can improve it in practice. What you clean with is as important as cleaning your skin before going to sleep at night. Exfoliating cleansers can strip the skin’s natural barrier, making the skin appear much more dull and dull. Therefore, it is best to use one of the cleansers in oil form for the night. As soon as these works meet with water, they turn into a soft, creamy texture and purify the skin in a completely gentle form.

Give apple cider vinegar a chance

Believe it or not, this powerful culinary treat can create a gentle peeling effect on all skin types, from the most sensitive to acne-prone skin, without the need for a chemical peel. Apple cider vinegar not only purifies the skin from dead cells, but also balances it in time and contributes to their healing by soothing acne. Dilute some apple cider vinegar with water and apply with a cotton pad, just like the toner. But let’s be warned that the scent may not be suitable for everyone!

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Pre-wedding skin care tips

Apply a sheet mask

Sheet masks don’t just make you look beautiful in your Instagram selfies; At the same time, it also moisturizes the skin in a significant way. Before going to sleep, apply a sheet mask with a heavy moisturizing effect to your skin; In the morning you will understand the difference much more adequately.

Avoid salty foods

It is very critical to stay away from salty foods, especially if the wedding is a few nights away, because salt causes significant edema in our body, which we do not want to experience at all. Swelling, especially under the eyes, can make you look extra tired; Beware of!

Pre-wedding skin care tips

Don’t be afraid of oils

If you are hesitant about skin care oils, put your worries aside. While oils protect the outer layer of the skin, they also act as a powerful antioxidant and prevent DNA damage. For optimum results, it would be best to apply the oil under your night cream. When choosing the oil to apply, make sure that it is not a comedogenic oil such as argan oil or marula oil.

Don’t skip vitamin C (especially around your eyes)

One of the ways to achieve a radiant skin is the use of vitamin C, one of the oldest known methods. This magnificently effective ingredient evens out the skin tone while eliminating dark spots and creates a radiant skin appearance. Who can say no to this effect? Apply your vitamin C-containing eye cream all around your eyes with gentle massage movements. While vitamin C illuminates your under-eye circles, the massage action you will make also minimizes under-eye puffiness that may occur in the morning.

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Pre-wedding skin care tips

moisten it

Are you ready for the effort with dehydration, which means lack of water in the skin? Dehydrated skin may appear red, inflamed, and irritated. Dehydration also causes deepening of wrinkles. It is necessary to support the skin both internally and externally. If you have trouble drinking water, you can choose green vegetable juices, which also create a detox effect. And it is essential to apply a skin care mask with the usual heavy moisturizing effect!

Don’t squeeze your pimples

Technically, we may all know this rule, but unfortunately we accept that it is a satisfying feeling. Well, what actually happens when we squeeze our pimples? We are inflaming that region even more and delaying its adaptation. Sinking the nails into the skin can cause permanent scars on the skin. You can get help from yogurt containing lactic acid and probiotics, which will help them heal instead of squeezing acne.

Pre-wedding skin care tips

Remove excess oil

While a moist and luminous skin is very valuable, an oily-looking skin is something we should avoid. Oil-absorbing tapes, one of the valuable innovations of the cosmetic world, are a great option to instantly absorb excess oil from the skin and mattify the skin. When you feel that your skin is very oily and you think it shines too much, you can eliminate the problem with these tapes.

Try not to touch your face

Consider this ingredient as the golden rule of skin care. Dirt and bacteria on our hands can cause skin inflammation and acne breakouts. In some cases, you may need to manually intervene on your skin, which unfortunately can cause the particles on the skin to be pushed into the pores and clog the pores. If you absolutely must touch your face, be sure to wash your hands adequately.