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Does Applying Clay Mask to Hair Make Hair Grow Long?

The effect of clay mask on hair growth has been understood as a result of the researches done. The vitamins and minerals in the clay provide great benefits in hair care. People who make a clay mask for their hair can understand in a short time how effective the clay is in hair growth.

What are the Other Benefits of Clay for Hair?

Clay doesn’t just grow hair. Apart from this, it has many different benefits for hair. One of these benefits is that it nourishes the scalp. In this way, dryness of the hair is also prevented. In addition, clay has the feature of softening the hair and giving shine to the hair.

Hair Mask Recipe Prepared with Clay

How to prepare a hair clay mask

For the answer to the question , 1 glass of apple cider vinegar, 2 tablespoons of clay, and half a glass of water are required. The mask is easily prepared by mixing all the ingredients. How long should the clay be kept on the hair? for those who are curious about the subject, what can be said is 5 minutes. After the mask is applied to the hair, wait 5 minutes and then wash the hair well.

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