How to Care for Breast and Decollete?

The reflections of the effects of time on the body are mostly seen in the neck, décolleté and chest areas. Regular care can be applied to the décolleté area, where wrinkles occur due to sunspots, skin spots, sagging, and loss of skin structure.

Breast care with natural recipesand in the midst of offers for décolleté care;

  • Lemon juice

Add 1 tablespoon of sea salt and ½ natural lemon juice to ½ liter of water. It is applied in a light and circular form by massaging the neck, décolleté and chest areas.

After waiting for 15-20 minutes, it is cleaned with lotion.

lemon juice mask It is used for purification and deep cleaning. It is applied to remove dead cells on the skin surface and to prevent bacteria that cause acne.

Decollete Care
  • Fenugreek Cures

A smooth appearance can be obtained by applying fenugreek cures to the thoroughly cleaned décolleté area. In the cure applied with fenugreek oil and fenugreek powder;

  • 10 drops of fenugreek oil
  • Vitamin E capsule
  • 1 egg white
  • ½ cup of yogurt

It is mixed in a clean bowl and applied to the entire skin with circular movements. After waiting for half an hour, it is cleaned with water. It can be applied to the area washed with cold water once a week.

Decollete Care

For Smooth Decollete

Decollete with egg cure and you can make the chest areas look smoother. Beat egg whites well with a mixer or mixer. After obtaining a foamy consistency, it is applied to the breasts and décolleté area. After waiting for half an hour, it is necessary to massage. The dried sphere is massaged with cucumber juice and then rinsed with cold water. It makes the skin more tense, smooth and collected.


Olive oil is one of the methods used to ensure the moisture stability of the skin, regain its elastic form and shine. To make your skin soft and smooth like a baby, massage a few drops of oil into your palms and massage your breasts. Apply for 15 minutes with circular and topless massage movements.