4 skincare hacks for women in business

We spend most of our daily lives at work. Being in a fixed seat or in a closed place all day brings with it many problems, from slowing blood circulation to not being able to consume enough oxygen. Consumption of tea and coffee all the time, air conditioning, long hours in front of the screen and just a few of the troubles we experience in business life. Each of them negatively affects our skin as well as our health in different ways. Regular exposure to these effects causes many deformations on our face, from skin blemishes to acne, from mimic lines to wrinkles. That’s why we explain ways to make your skin look healthier and fitter with 3 easy but effective hacks.

1. Avoid heavy makeup

Heavy make-up, which was previously preferred on special occasions, has now become a module of almost daily life for women. Consumption frenzy in make-up works brings with it unconscious use. Preferred wrong make-up works can have many negative effects on skin health. Heavy make-up applications cause the pores to close and over time, dirt and oil accumulate in the pores. The clogged pores become rough for the skin to breathe and acne formation begins. To protect yourself from the negative effects of the make-up that remains on your face for hours, you can choose products that allow your skin to breathe. It would also be a good idea to put a make-up in the middle and let your skin rest.

2. Moisturize your skin all day long!

Morning and evening care rituals are one of the most precious steps to have a healthy skin. However, the tension and fatigue experienced in heavy work life causes your skin to dry out. You can keep your skin moist all day long by having a good moisturizing cream in your office systematically. Our other offer to maintain the moisture level of your skin is to consume plenty of water.

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3. Don’t forget to get some fresh air!

In order to have a healthy skin, it is necessary to consider the external factors affecting the skin. The pure air gives vitality to our body, but also to our skin. Being in closed places for a long time causes us to not get enough oxygen. The oxygen in the air accelerates the blood circulation. In this way, your skin also meets its water requirement to a large extent and maintains its moisture stability. Taking the oxygen that your skin needs by going out into the fresh air with short breaks during the day helps your skin maintain its vitality.

4. Stay away from tension!

The biggest visible effect of tension on the skin is premature aging. Wrinkles that occur on the skin at a young age can cause you to look much older than your age in later years. The moisture and oil stability of the skin exposed to tension begins to deteriorate. Oily skin causes acne breakouts. For a healthy skin, you can stay away from tension and make your skin relax on a regular basis.

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