Beyonce’s mother, Tina Lawson, loves to brag about her granddaughter’s talents. Lawson, who has shared the various achievements of Blue Ivy for a long time, shared the make-up style that his grandson did for himself on Halloween. Now, sharing a new selfie, Lawson said, “My talented granddaughter Blue gave me makeup today. Can you imagine how I did my makeup when I was only 9 and 15 now? She made my face flawless, I saved my make-up artist budget,” she shared about Blue Ivy’s make-up for herself.

With her eyebrows, smokey eye make-up, cat-eye eyeliner, contour and red lipstick, we can’t even imagine a 9-year-old girl doing the dazzling make-up of Lawson! Having previously celebrated Blue Ivy’s BET Award and Grammy nominations, Lawson shared her granddaughter’s dance to Ciara’s “Gimmie Dat.” “It’s Blue, but I could swear that Solange looks like she’s dancing at this age,” writes Lawson, always sharing Blue Ivy’s ingenuity. As we play house at the age of nine, we can say that Blue Ivy is getting ready to be a star! Guess it’s all genetic!

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