It is now possible to prevent hair breakage!

We move a lot at night, so hair can be seriously damaged by friction. Because every time you turn it back and forth, it can cause hair loss and hair loss, especially on cotton or linen bedspreads. and to swell may cause.

Rough ingredients not only damage the surface of the hair, they also deprive your hair of moisture and dry it out.

We recommend using soft materials such as silk or satin as a cover to prevent your hair from tearing or breaking. These cause moisture and less friction.

Also, easy hairstyles can help you care for your hair. This prevents hair from getting tangled while you sleep, while protecting it from friction, breakage and split ends.

Below we have compiled a selection of sleep hairstyles that you can use to protect your hair at night.

These hairstyles protect your hair from breakage!

1. High bun

Take all your hair in one hand and slowly make a bun on the top of your head. But for you to sleep, the bun should be tied too high and not too tight. Use hair clips to hold the bun in place so your hair doesn’t come loose while you sleep.

2. Knit

Divide your hair into two sections. Then take a section of hair and braid it, repeat the process with the other section of hair. Secure your hair with a soft hairpin. This sleep hairstyle not only protects the entire length of your hair, but also adds soft and naturally wavy hair the next morning. you will have.

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3. Classic ponytail

This hairstyle is probably the easiest and easiest. Gather your hair in a low ponytail and secure the braid with a soft hairpin.

4. Classic braided hairstyle

This knitting can not only be done quickly and easily, but also very effective at the same time. Braiding your hair every evening in a classic, low-neck, loose-knit braid prevents hair breakage and gives your hair more structure and volume.

5. Sleep cap

Not only hairstyles, but also special sleeping caps or microfiber towels can protect your hair from hair breakage at night.

They are especially suitable for people with very dry hair, as they trap moisture and also reduce friction between the pillow and the middle of the hair. In addition, they protect against split ends and ensure that the hair does not frizz.

Clue: Make sure the braids are loose, otherwise the hairline and hair roots will be strained. Also, only use soft velvet or silk hair ties and make sure they don’t contain a metal cut that will reduce pulling, snagging and damage.