What causes a child to grind their teeth? Consider the stress!

Although all parents want their children to sleep in a healthy and comfortable way, children can experience clenching and grinding their teeth during sleep as well as adults. Although teeth grinding does not seem to threaten health, it is one of the health problems that should be especially considered and taken into account. Pediatric Dentist from Memorial Ataşehir Hospital Oral and Dental Health Department about the treatment techniques and causes that should be known about teeth grinding so that children can sleep more comfortably. Dt. His Tuna gave information about teeth grinding in children.

Every parent wants their child to sleep peacefully. You have noticed that your child, whom you are watching while sleeping, is grinding his teeth and making an annoying sound. There is no need to panic, but do not expect this problem to go away on its own. The external grinding, bruxism, which is common in children younger than 5 years old, may not be caused by teeth alone, contrary to what is thought. So what should we do if our child has a teeth grinding problem? First of all, your first address should be a dentist in order to determine whether the problem originates from the mouth. If the grinding is not caused by teeth, a psychologist can be supported, and even if it is caused by the digestive system, help from a pediatric gastroenterologist can be obtained.

Don’t Say There Is Tension in Children!

Teeth grinding in children is often experienced during sleep. Bruxism, which is defined as the involuntary rubbing of the upper and lower teeth, can be seen in 3 out of 10 children. Although there are different reasons for grinding teeth, which is more common in children younger than 5 years old, tension is one of the main ones. Especially in children who have just started school, factors such as the problem of adapting to the external environment, the school, and leaving the house may present as teeth grinding by preparing a place for tension in the child. In addition, sibling jealousy, unrest in the house and new friends can cause teeth grinding in children.


Don’t Skip the Child’s Dental Inspections!

The reason why your child or baby grinds their teeth may be due to the structure of the mouth. First of all, it is necessary to go to a dentist and have your child’s teeth and jaw structure checked whether they are normal. Especially during the transition period from primary teeth to permanent teeth, the contact of teeth with each other or grinding problems may occur in irregularities. In addition, caries, abscesses, teething process, closing disorders, high fillings are seen in the middle of the causes of grinding.

Reflux Can Cause Teeth Grinding!

During the period when children start school, they may be more interested in foods such as candy, chocolate and fast food. It may seem very indirect to you, but reflux, intestinal parasites can cause external squeaking. If your child drools during sleep with teeth grinding, intestinal parasites may be the first suspect. If your child is a little younger, you need to be more careful about the symptoms. External squeaks that you think are made to attract attention may be the harbinger of reflux. When your baby’s food comes into his mouth, he may want to tell you about it by coughing, grimacing and sometimes grinding his teeth. If your baby is both grinding his teeth and swallowing movements other than eating, it may be necessary to consult a doctor with the suspicion of reflux.

Besides these;Chronic sinusitis, nasal congestion, respiratory tract inflammation, inadequate and unhealthy nutrition, allergic disorders, hyperactivity and lack of attention can cause external creaking in children.

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Don’t waste your time waiting for it to pass by itself!

Diagnosis of teeth grinding in children and infants is based on complaints from families rather than children. If your child is grinding teeth, there is no need to panic, but it is not the truth to expect this problem to go away on its own. If the external squeaking, which can be caused by many diseases, is not treated, much more important problems may be encountered in the future than the discomfort that caused it. If the problem causing the grinding is caused by the teeth; In children, wear on teeth, cavities, wear on the jaw joints can cause structural disorders and sleep problems.

Treatment Systems Are Changing Against the Cause of Teeth Grinding!

Teeth grinding, which is a common problem in children, can continue until complex dentition ends and sometimes until puberty begins. Diagnosed causes of teeth grinding up to this period are valuable. When the causes such as reflux and psychological reasons are eliminated, it is expected that the grinding of teeth will disappear in an earlier period. If your child is grinding his teeth, you should go to the dentist first. After the dentist’s examination, if the cause of grinding is determined as a tooth, the problem can be overcome with appropriate treatment. If the grinding is not caused by teeth, your dentist will direct you to real people.

Your child may still continue to grind after all the factors that cause teeth grinding have been removed. If this situation is disturbing, a small appliance can be prepared in the mouth and the squeaking problem can be eliminated.

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