New generation toothpaste tablets with eco-friendly, vegan and clean content

Recently, our ongoing habits in our lives have begun to change and give way to new ones. Being aware of our responsibilities towards the nature we live in, our preferences to use new generation works, which are the dream of a better future in our daily personal care, are increasing day by day. T-Brush toothpaste tablets, developed and produced in Turkey from A to Z by experts in their fields in cooperation with Hacettepe University, were presented to consumers with their nature-friendly features and package content.

Providing oral care in small tablet format in toothpaste, T-Brush is preparing to become a favorite of consumers in oral care with its new generation toothpaste tablets, modern hygiene understanding, 100% recyclable waste-free and plastic-free nature-friendly content and packaging. T-Brush toothpaste tablets, which do not contain harmful matters such as SLS, gluten, titanium dioxide, do not carry any animal DNA and do not test on animals, are in the category of vegan products with the approval of Yeditepe University.

Features of T-Bursh toothpaste tablets:

  • Nature friendly:
    • ​ ​100% recyclable without waste and plastic with environmentally friendly glass materials
    • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified packaging
  • Clean and vegan content:
    • It does not contain issues such as SLS, gluten, titanium dioxide.
    • It does not carry any animal DNA.
    • It is produced in GMP certified factories without testing on animals.
    • With the approval of Yeditepe University, it is in the middle of cruelty-free works in the category of vegan works.
  • Personal hygiene approach:
    • ​ ​ Contrary to traditional methods, it completely eliminates the contact of the toothbrush with the toothpaste. It offers a personal sense of hygiene.
    • It provides a more hygienic use by preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses that occur in conventional toothpastes that are used in common among family members.
    • Thanks to its effervescent feature, it provides a natural foaming in the mouth seconds after it is broken with the help of teeth.
  • Adjusted dose:
    • ​ ​The new generation T-Brush toothpaste tablets, on the other hand, offer the user the necessary content for oral hygiene with their innovative and innovative structure.
    • In traditional toothpastes, the dose setting is left to the user and it is not possible to set the true dose every time.
    • Too much of the dose causes unnecessary chemical absorption in the body, while too little prevents it from being adequately cleaned.

How are T-Brush toothpaste tablets used?
Smash, brush and shake

  • The toothpaste tablet taken into the mouth is disintegrated with the help of the teeth and natural foaming is provided within seconds.
  • The teeth are brushed with a toothbrush for a minimum of 2 minutes and the mouth is rinsed with water.
  • It offers 45 days of use in a twice-daily brushing routine with its 90-tablet glass bottles.

T-Brush toothpaste tablets are available at as well as leading digital e-
on sale on trade sites and select pharmacies:

  • Mint Flavored Toothpaste Tablets – Fluoride and non-fluoride varieties (90 pcs): 69TL
  • Orange Flavored Toothpaste Tablets – Fluoride and non-fluoride varieties (90 pcs): 69TL
  • Activated Charcoal Toothpaste Tablet- Fluoride and Non-Fluoride varieties (90 pcs): 69TL
  • Strawberry flavored for children over 6 years old – Fluoride and non-fluoride varieties (90 pieces): 69TL