People from over 100 countries, mainly in Europe, come to Turkey for hair transplant. They even started coming from Japan, Korea, Australia and Canada. In this regard, international advertisements also had a very valuable effect. The cinema of three tourists who came to Turkey from Spain for the hair transplant called “Por los pelos”, which was released in Spain in the past months, was screened. Some scenes of the cinema were shot at the Serkan Aygın Clinic Doku Medikal in Şişli, Istanbul. When the cinema was released, the number of Spaniards began to increase rapidly.

Dr. We talked to Serkan Aygın about the technology they have developed for hair transplantation and how they transform hair transplantation into hair design.

What are the technology and differences you have developed for hair transplantation?

The most valuable thing in hair transplantation is planning. Hair transplantation means a kind of engineering. The problem of hair on the surface and the number of hair we will plant on it actually requires a purely mathematical planning. We give the greatest effort to make this analysis very good. Since the surface on which hair transplantation will be made is 3-dimensional, we developed a high-tech device, the “Tissue Studio Ark”, whose patent belongs to us. In other words, we have produced a device that is completely unique to us with its design, function and software.

In the operation part, we continue our operations with the tips of the technique we call micromotor and DHI. Now, when people come to Turkey for their hair and leave with very successful results; We have also taken the devices that play a vital role in the DHI planting technique to the next level, and we continue to develop them with our R&D investments. We have perfected the current technology in every sense. The most valuable difference Doku Medikal has made is that we have our own technological devices, which we design and manufacture with high investment, instead of devices brought from abroad. It required sufficient engineering work to bring such sensitive devices to a perfect level, and we did not hesitate to make this investment. The results thus far exceed expectations. A hair transplant cut is a branch that can grow a lot. We, as Turkey, are determined to carry the flag for many more years.

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Why did Doku Medikal decide to develop its own technology?

There are many organizations and hospitals in hair transplantation in Turkey. The most valuable point that will distinguish us from them is our 3D modeling system, which we designed using artificial intelligence. Thus, we have made hair transplantation more comfortable. Doku Studio Ark is able to present the clear result to the patient and physician in a short time. From the moment the person enters the device, the model takes only 30 seconds to complete. In the next 60 seconds, 360-degree photos are taken. The trichogram step, in which the hair quality is measured, takes about 3-4 minutes. All results are presented to the physician and patient within 5-10 minutes and planning is made for the most appropriate process.

In which direction did hair transplantation evolve with your touch?

What separates us in hair transplantation is that we look at the issue of hair not only as a transplant, but also as a design. Hair design includes both mathematics and art.

Isn’t the goal to make the transplanted hair permanent? How does this happen?

They are receptors sensitive to DTH hormones that cause hair loss. The transplanted hair is successful compared to whether these receptors are damaged or not due to environmental influences. By doing regular care and paying attention to the nutrition system, the lifespan of the transplanted hair becomes permanent.